Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA


Alexandru Luchian

“I didn't have too many interviews, and I am not that special from the others, but I got my job pretty quickly. All I had was my technical experience, knowledge, ambition, spirit, and the can-do attitude. Thank you for what you taught me.”
—Alexandru Luchian
(from Moldova)
Practical training at Source Allies
Des Moines, Iowa

Dr. Hari Sharma

“Maharishi University of Management's faculty has gained national and international recognition and has excelled in all subjects taught.”
—Dr. Hari Sharma
Professor Emeritus
College of Medicine
Ohio State University

Srdan Atanaskovic

“M.U.M. and the unique Compro program opened a lot of opportunities for me. Thanks to this program I am able to make a smooth transition from way I lived and worked in my country, to the way it is in the US.”
—Srdan Atanaskovic
(from Serbia)
Practical Training at American Specialty Health
San Diego, California


“My attitude really has changed. I have become happy and have a smiling face all the time. I don't know when this change happened but I know it is due to the environment here at Maharishi University of Management. I am really thankful and happy I came here!”
—Rashid Ali
(from Pakistan)

Senator Tom Harkin

“Maharishi University of Management provides students with a quality American education. Their programs foster educational opportunities and help build ties to the United States... The University continues its commitment to educate citizens from developing countries in the fields of computer science and business management.”
—The Honorable Tom Harkin
U.S. Senator for the State of Iowa

Mrudula Mukadam

“I enjoyed every second of my stay at the University. The things I liked best were the intelligent and highly qualified professors, organic food, caring and loving staff members, and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.”
—Mrudula Mukadam
(from India)
Practical training at ObjectWin
Wajid, TX

Governor Terry E. Branstad

“Maharishi University of Management has achieved remarkable growth and international recognition and has had a profound influence on the present and future well-being of its home community of Fairfield. Its ambitious course for the future, including the development of expanded global programs, will contribute to the pursuit of knowledge and harmony.”
—Governor Terry E. Branstad
Governor of the State of Iowa 1983-1999, 2011-2017

Binod Pokaral

“First of all I would like to inform all of you that I got my [practical training] job as a Java Developer at MortgageHub. At this time, I would like to thank you all from the core of my heart for all the help that you provided when I was here in the University. Besides the technical education, there are a lot of things that you all supported and helped us. This kind of support made us comfortable and is really praiseworthy. I really appreciate all of these things and I feel proud of being here at this University.”
—Binod Pokaral
(from Nepal)

Andriy Klyuchevsky

“Life has become extremely hectic (working at Microsoft). However, I can now admit that without the TM technique I wouldn't have been able to achieve the kind of clarity and peace at work that I have now. ... I still recollect my very first introduction to TM. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. It took time to realize that though simple, it is very relevant in our day-to-day lives.”
—Andriy Klyuchevsky
(from Ukraine)
Practical training at Microsoft

Sanjeewa Kelum Jayasinghe

“The program offers state-of-the art classes to help boost the career of computer professionals. One subject at a time and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation help students assimilate knowledge and improve their ability to perform.”
—Sanjeewa Kelum Jayasinghe
(from Sri Lanka)
Practical training at Health Care Technologies
Amherst, NY

Honorable Thomas J. Vilsack

“For nearly 30 years Maharishi University of Management has excelled in preparing students for successful careers in business, science, and the arts. The University's unique approach to promoting the wholeness of knowledge has helped students achieve their full potential.”
—The Honorable Thomas J. Vilsack
US Secretary of Agriculture

Yadav Bhattarai

“The courses at M.U.M. are quite new and are relevant to the market in the USA. We can tell the employer about the courses and course material and they are at once willing to hire us. Especially the object oriented technology based courses are wonderful and very helpful.”
—Yadav Bhattarai
(from Nepal)
Practical training at Microsoft

Liliana Auquilla

“As a woman, I was afraid of going far in the middle of an unknown world. But M.U.M. was the best place I could go. I was always safe and learned how to grow in every aspect of my life.”
—Liliana Auquilla
(from Ecuador)
Practical training at DSI Systems

Luis Acevedo-Galan

“I would like to thank everyone at Maharishi University of Management for being part of the best time of my life. I enjoyed every little bit of my stay on campus.”
—Luis Acevedo-Galan
(from Dominican Republic)
Practical training at Tracfone
Miami, Florida

Samuel Bedassa

“Thanks to all the M.U.M. professors who helped me gain the expertise to earn this award (Personnelist of the Year). This award is the result of your effort and the fruitful knowledge I received at Maharishi University of Management."
—Samuel Bedasa
(from Ethiopia)
Practical training at Advanced Software Systems

Battulga Purevragchaa

“I wanted to let you know what a great job Battulga is doing for Volt at Microsoft. He was recognized today at an “Employee Recognition” luncheon for Volt employees at Microsoft.”
—Battulga Purevragchaa
(from Mongolia)
Practical training at Microsoft
Redmond, Washington

Chandrasekhar Mulareddy

“My company has decided to increase my pay package and they are promoting me to next level in the hierarchy. Thanks to M.U.M. faculty and staff for guiding us in our career. Everything that I learned at the University has really helped me to keep the momentum going, and to keep me growing professionally and personally.”
—Chandrasekhar Mulareddy
(from India)
Practical training at Satyam Computer Service
New Jersey

Leonisa Hermogino

“Maharishi University of Management has truly helped me realize my dream. Everybody in the admissions, faculty, and placement office has done a wonderful job. For that, I will always be grateful.”
—Leonisa Hermogino
(from The Philippines)
Practical training at Tennessee Valley Authority

Manish Verma

“The University nourished me in a very effective and dignified way to excel in life. Maharishi University of Management and the City of Fairfield felt like a family and home. It was warm and supportive, and I felt a sense of belongingness.”
—Manish Verma
(from India)
Practical training at Microsoft

Ductruong Do

“I just want to say that with your support, I got two direct-hire offers at Microsoft and I accepted one of them. And the happy thing is that I got a total of five offers up to now. Thank you very much!”
—Ductruong Do
(from Vietnam)
Practical training at Microsoft

Yirga Legesse Mulat

“Thank you for what you did while I was on campus. You gave me all the courage that I needed to be successful in my career. I am now in a good position and I have the confidence to try anything.”
—Yirga Legesse Mulat
(from Ethiopia)
Practical Training at Microsoft

Samuel Bedassa

“Living here is like taking a tour around the world. I have become friends with people from several continents and I am fascinated to learn about their cultures. I am gaining a global perspective that will help me be a better citizen of the world.”
—Samuel Bedassa
(from Ethiopia)

Adrian Mustea

“I had other offers but I thought it was best to get experience at Microsoft. Wherever I go from there, my resume will always show that I worked at the biggest software company in the world.”
—Adrian Mustea
(from Moldova)
Practical training at Microsoft

Ala Fadeel

“People at Maharishi University of Management are peaceful and friendly and not like that drama in the movies. I will recommend this university to others from my country.”
—Ala Fadeel
(from Sudan)
Practical training at Microsoft

Sonja Stankovic

“The University campus is very safe and peaceful, and I feel comfortable here. The courses are definitely very challenging, but I really feel that when I finish, I will be ready for my job in the IT industry.”
— Sonja Stankovic
(from Serbia)
Practical training at Microsoft

Yufu Zhang and Yunna Wu

“We both are grateful for what we got from M.U.M.—both computer science knowledge and life philosophy.”
—Yufu Zhang and Yunna Wu
(from China)
Living in Toronto, Canada

Ferenc Dobi

“It was one of the best times of my life to study in Fairfield with my international friends living in a peaceful and friendly environment. The practical training job I got in Minneapolis at Mccaa Webster & Associates was definitely my best job ever.”
—Ferenc Dobi
(from Hungary)

Kishor Sigdel

“The Job Search Workshop gave me more self-confidence and helped me become capable of presenting my skills, strengths, and enthusiasm very clearly and firmly.”
—Kishor Sigdel
(from Nepal)
Practical training at Merrill Lynch

Andrey Tselyuk

“The Computer Professionals Program is helping me become a competitive expert ready to place myself in the American labor market. I look forward to starting my curricular practical training.”
—Andrey Tselyuk
(from Russia)
Practical training at Microsoft

Samwel Tombe

“There are great opportunities here and the professors are simply the best I have ever known. You can make it. Do not hold yourself back.”
—Samwel Tombe
(from Kenya)
Practical training at Microsoft

Please also see video and audio comments by students from different countries.

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