Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Mission Statement & Goals

MSCS students enjoy going deeply into each course in the MS in Computer Science block system.
Learning is easier and more satisfying when you study Computer Science one course per month.

Mission Statement

The Department of Computer Science upholds the mission of the university to promote holistic development, academic excellence, original research, and service to society. The mission of the Computer Professionals Program is to provide a comprehensive education in the principles of Computer Science and the skills of the computing industry, to enable young professionals who enter the program to be highly successful software engineers; to be leaders in their fields with the ability to make lasting contributions to the industry; and to lead fulfilling lives as a natural consequence of the life-managing skills they acquire through the M.U.M. consciousness-based approach to education.

Overview of the Structure of the Program: Our graduate program is similar to the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) guidelines for a general M.S.C.S. program that prepares students for work in various careers as a computer professional. While our current emphasis is on the career track (as compared to an academic track), it is also a strong preparation for students planning to enroll in Ph.D. programs. In recent years, a few of our students have continued their academic careers in doctoral programs at other universities.

Another feature of our professional track is that students are required to complete curricular practical training (CPT) by working in a professional setting. Our placement office helps students find relevant work with many high technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, and Advanced Technologies, where they have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Each student must complete at least eight months of full-time work at such companies, during which time they submit four reports per year of their activities.


By the end of the Computer Science Professionals Program, students will be able to…

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques of computer science as preparation for life-long learning and continuing professional development in the computing field.
  2. Develop the ability to think clearly, analyze and solve a problem in the computing field, both individually and as a team member.
  3. Develop professional work skills and character traits, such as oral and written communication, effective teamwork, a strong work ethic, self-confidence, and the ability to take initiative in the workplace.
  4. Develop an understanding of modern professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues in the current American business culture, in preparation for finding and securing a satisfying career.
  5. Maintain a strong daily routine, with special attention to regular practice of Transcendental Meditation, rest and proper nutrition, as a platform for a life of success after graduate school.
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