Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Curricular Practical Training Workshop

M.S. in Computer Science students receive Career Strategies Workshop to prepare for entering the Software Engineer career market.
MSCS students receive Career Strategies Workshop in preparation for their curricular practical training (CPT) employment search.

Preparation for entering the U.S. CPT employment market

This intensive three-week workshop is offered to all M.S. in Computer Science students to prepare you to secure a professional practical training internship position in the USA.

Topics include:

  • Preparing your resume and cover letter
  • How to search for CPT employment
  • Practicing telephone and in-person interviews
  • How to work with recruiting agencies
  • How to interview with companies
  • Answering challenging interview questions
  • Understanding American business culture
  • Networking for curricular practical training employment success

 All topics are taught in modules which include lectures, writing, and a formalized speaking practice called Speed Networking.  Students practice both telephone and in-person interviewing. Each student is given 50 to 100 opportunities to practice interviews and receive feedback.

Students practicing CPT employment interviews.
Students practicing CPT employment interviews.

Coaches are experienced professionals with backgrounds in computer science and writing, editing, business, and IT recruiting.

The course is team taught, with each professional presenting the topic of his or her expertise.

Student comments:

Surendra Bajracharya

“I had lots of questions and confusions like what really is Curricular Practical Training? How do I explain it to others? How do I start seeking CPT employment? Interactions with the recruiters, interviews, etc.? All the answers came during the two weeks of the Career Strategies class. I gained lots of confidence through the mock interviews that we practiced during the class. Later, when I got the calls from the company, it was so easy!”
—Surendra Bajracharya
(from Nepal)
Practical training in Des Moines, Iowa

Tsega Shimeles

“Before we started working on the Curricular Practical Training seminar I had no idea how to look for CPT employment in the US, and the process seemed a huge task for anyone to bear. This was because I had not worked in this country prior to coming to MUM. I felt lost and confused. But the help that I received from the professional staff was full of easy steps and small tasks to be done one at a time. I also felt their approach in guiding me to know what I needed to know was easy and fun. Before I knew it we were done. Now I am confident about finding CPT employment because I find myself in line with everybody else who has taken this seminar.”
—Tsega Shimeles
(from Ethiopia)
Practical training in Corona, California


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