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May 2010

A message from the Dean

The Dean of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Dr. Greg Guthrie, has been at the University for 27 years, since the inception of the Masters degree in Computer Science in 1983. Dr. Guthrie is a founding faculty of the Graduate program in Computer Science, the former Department Chairman, and currently a Sr. Professor in the department teaching in the areas of programming languages and systems.

Dr. Guthrie was formerly a microcomputer and system architect at AT&T Bell Labs near Chicago to pursue an academic life at MUM (MIU). According to Dr. Guthrie, the attraction to the University was, "Maharishi University of Management was a unique place, to both continue with the study and applications of advanced Computer Science, and at the same time be in a community of enlightened people all with a common goal of realizing the highest ideal of life."

Educator, researcher and administrator

During his academic career. Dr. Guthrie has demonstrated success in the classroom as a master teacher, and as an administrator. According to Dr. Guthrie, the secret to being a good teacher is "that you really enjoy the material that you are studying yourself, and from that you naturally want to share the beauty and power of that knowledge with the students." Dr. Guthrie's research and teaching interests are the areas of programming languages and systems, including modern dynamic and scripting languages, and multi-paradigm functional programming systems.

Comments from students

According to a current practical training student from the Dominican Republic (Luis Acevedo), "Your program was the best. Every piece of knowledge I received on campus was very helpful during my job search. From the SCI class, Computer courses, job search seminar and TM, I found it amazing how every bit of that total knowledge I got at MUM came out during my interviews. Even though all the professors where perfect, I especially appreciate Dr. Guthrie and the ASD course. That course changed me from a software developer to a software designer/architect."

An on-campus student from Tanzania (Michael Tarimo) commented to Dr. Guthrie, "It was nice being in your class and I really enjoyed every single moment of your lectures. The lectures were well structured, quite wide and deep. Everyday there were a lots of "AHAs" and new knowledge, and I looked forward to coming to class to listen to you....I must say you are the best professor I have ever seen, full of information and knowledge."

Invitation to computer professionals

"I really cherish the opportunity to be here at MUM, and to be with the very bright students in our program, and to explore and share with them the most advanced knowledge of Computer Science, and at the same time the most advanced knowledge of full human potential. It is very beautiful and interesting to see how these two very important, powerful, and abstract areas have such parallel basic principles and dynamics.

I welcome all new students, and would encourage you to consider the fundamental importance of an educational system that includes providing you with the highest values of your own intellectual and personal experience, at the same time that you learn your advanced Computer Science; this integration, and holistic approach, is so enriching, fulfilling, and important to success, that you will wonder how any other educational system could still not take this advanced approach!"

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