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July 2010

Parallel programming professor

Dr. Bruce Lester is Professor of Computer Science at Maharishi University of Management. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from M.I.T. and was a faculty member at Princeton University for two years. Dr. Lester founded the Computer Science Department at MUM and served as Department Chair for seven years. He currently teaches courses in Database Management Systems, Object-Oriented Programming in Java, and Parallel Programming.

Professor Lester is one of the pioneering researchers in the field of parallel computing, and has published numerous research papers in this area. The primary focus of his current research is programming language features to allow ordinary programs to perform better using today's multicore processors. A 30-minute video of Dr. Lester's most recent computer conference presentation can be found at the conference website.

Dr. Lester is author of the textbook The Art of Parallel Programming. The first edition of this book, published by Prentice Hall (Pearson Education) was adopted as a course text by 62 universities. He uses this book as the primary text for the Parallel Programming course he teaches at MUM.

In addition to fifteen years of teaching experience in computer science, Dr. Lester also has many years of professional experience in software development, the most notable being five years working for a telephone company to develop and maintain the "telephone call rates" database management system.

Professor Lester left his faculty position at Princeton University in favor of MUM because of its Consciousness-Based approach to education: "I wanted to teach at a University that develops the creativity and intelligence of the student, as well as teaching the standard knowledge of computer science. At other Universities, computer students get into the habit of overwork and exhaustion that carries over into their career. At MUM the daily practice of the TM technique by all students provides deep rest and revitalization of mind and body. Students become more efficient and can accomplish more with less effort."

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