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August 2010

Another success story

Within two weeks of completing his Career Strategies Workshop course, Tanzanian software developer Michael Tarimo was offered the practical training job he wanted. TEK Systems, Inc. in West Des Moines, Iowa offered a Java Developer position with Shazam--one of the leading electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks in the US--and it was fairly close to all his friends at MUM.

After working for four years for a fast growing IT company focusing on mobile cutting edge technologies, Michael realized he could position himself for even more rewarding professional experiences if he could get a graduate degree in a developed country with more advanced technologies. He wanted to gain exposure to best practices in software development, and broader social interactions, which would allow him to better support development of his home community in Tanzania.

Why come to MUM?

After hearing about MUM from a current student from Tanzania, the choice was easy since MUM satisfied all Michael's selection criteria: (1) in the USA, (2) known for teaching best practices, (3) affordable, (4) the program gives a graduate degree from an accredited university, (5) provides new experiences, diverse friends, (6) relaxed (yet challenging) environment, especially after working hard for more than four years, (7) straight forward admissions application, and (8) welcoming environment with happy students.

Advice for prospective students

After completing his 8 months on-campus training, Michael gives this advice to others considering a masters degree:
"MUM is the best choice. You get top, world class knowledge from experienced professors. You get to become close friends with a highly diverse student group. You get a loan which you can easily pay back from your practical training salary. You get an opportunity to work in US companies. Think about this on your resume. You get to know and practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. This is a very powerful non-religious technique that relieves stress, increases creativity and problem-solving ability."

Michael advises students to follow their hearts, listen and respect others as you consider coming to MUM. He credits his quick hiring to excellent preparation by the department's career training staff, highest quality preparation by his professors, focus on his job search, an improved job market, and support from fellow students and friends.

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