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October 2010

Student Leader, Software Developer, and Entertainer

When you first meet Surendra Bajracharya, his smile, sincerity, and caring nature win you over. He is an articulate and natural leader who is easy to approach, readily makes friends, and is dedicated to helping others.

So, when the opportunity came to run for student government representative for the Computer Professionals Program, Surendra's friends encouraged him to run. Based upon his undergraduate experience as a class representative in Nepal, Surendra felt confident and excited to run for election. He won, and jumped into his position with the goal of helping to make his classmates' limited time at MUM a happy, comfortable and memorable experience.

Among his accomplishments as student government representative since March 2010, Surendra has organized a wonderful farewell picnic for October 2009 entry students, setup student outings to Ottumwa, Iowa City and Des Moines, helped organize the departmental picnic and pool party, and led the organization of a campus wide dinner and evening of entertainment for the highly successful Nepali Dashain festival. Not only did he work as an organizer, Surendra also demonstrated his dramatic and artistic talents as a major performer in several delightful traditional song and dances in front of a packed audience in Dalby Hall on campus.

Why attend MUM?

While earning his undergraduate degree in computer engineering, Surendra became interested in software development. After four years as a professional software developer in Nepal, the desire came to become an expert in his field, with the goal of becoming a successful project manager in Nepal within five years. He felt that a graduate program in the US would provide the greatest preparation to achieve his dream.

After learning about MUM in the USA, he was attracted by several factors: (1) the unique integration of practical knowledge gained in only 7-8 months on campus, with real world paid internship experience (including Distance Education classes) for academic credit, (2) lower initial cost, (3) experienced, quality faculty from highly reputed universities, (4) the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique to enhance learning, reduce stress, and improve problem-solving ability, (5) a diverse student body, and (6) the helpful, friendly people running MUM in the peaceful Fairfield community.

"I am proud and very pleased that I made the right decision by enrolling at MUM. Since the first day on campus, I have been welcomed with open arms, and have never felt lonely. We are like a family here," Surendra comments. "I feel that Consciousness-Based education at MUM is one of the most efficient techniques of education that will be extremely helpful during my professional life ahead. Thank you MUM."

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