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January 2011

Report on the Dean's Asian Lecture Tour

My husband (Dr. Greg Guthrie) and I were very fortunate to tour China, Nepal, and New Delhi (India) for 4 weeks at the end of 2010. We spoke at many universities in China, and met many bright computer science students who are interested in continuing their studies for a Master’s degree.

Dr. Guthrie lectured on the future of IT education in the United States, which includes focusing on improving Software by improving the Developer himself. He showed research on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and how through the deep rest gained in TM, there is more coherence in brain activity, leading to more creativity and intelligence, and many other benefits that are essential for a software developer.

The talk was well received and several universities expressed interest in collaborating with MUM and our CS department. We had heard that many students thought that our MS in Computer Science program was “too good to believe,” so we also explained our program in detail, letting them know that it really is true. When students graduate with their MS in Computer Science, they not only have a Master’s degree from an accredited U.S. university, but as part of their degree, they also gain valuable paid experience as interns working for an IT company in the U.S. The extensive financial aid to start the program allows international students to study in the U.S.

In China our tour was led and organized by our partners, WinWin Solutions. We started the tour in Wuhan, speaking at the University of Wuhan. From there we traveled back to Beijing, then down to Shijiazhong to speak at Hebei Normal University. From there we flew to Dalian and spoke at both Neusoft Institute of Information and Dalian Science and Technology University. Once back in Beijing, we spoke to more than 75 students from the Beijing Language and Cultural University.

Overall, in China we spoke with more than 460 students from five universities, many faculty, and Deans of Computer Science departments. We had a wonderful tour through China, and were extremely impressed with the high quality of computer science education and students. We hope that many students will join our MS in Computer Science program at MUM after completing their Bachelor degree requirements.

On to Nepal and India

From Shanghai we flew to Kathmandu, Nepal. We held a public lecture at the Hotel Tibet and spoke to about 22 people interested in attending MUM. We also spoke with 50 computer science students at Tribuvan University. Many of them showed keen interest in joining our program next year, and we look forward to welcoming them.

Our last stop was New Delhi, India. Dr. Guthrie was invited to speak at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), the most prestigious technology university in India. The invitation came from Dr. Saroj Kaushik, one of IIT’s Computer Science faculty who had been a guest faculty at MUM for a course on Artificial Intelligence.

We look forward to having many of the students we spoke with join us at MUM in 2011, and encourage students from all other countries to enroll in this practical and proven program that will enhance both your career and life.

Elaine Guthrie
Administrative Director
MS in Computer Science Program
Maharishi University of Management

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