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March 2011

Pakistani enrollment grows

At Maharishi University of Management we all enjoy the phrase: "the world is my family." We have students from every culture and every religion around the world, all studying and living together harmoniously. In this issue of our newsletter, we present the first in a series featuring different countries represented by our M.S. in Computer Science students.

During the past two years, the number of Pakistani students in our MSCS program for Computer Professionals has increased significantly. Previous students have informed colleagues in Pakistan of the many advantages and benefits of MUM's program and environment, and so many students want to come. We currently have 7 Pakistani students on campus, with several more doing their curricular practical training (CPT) in IT companies around the US.

The MUM experience

When Software Engineer Kashif Wasim arrived at MUM from Lahore in October, he was concerned about how he would be treated here. "But honestly speaking, I was not expecting such a warm welcome from MUM and US people as well. It has changed my whole image about US people. I have learned that the MUM community is one of the best communities here in the US. 99% of the people are humble, nice, cooperative and helpful. It would be my first preference to get a job here in Fairfield while I do my practical training internship."

Ijaz Ahmad arrived on campus from Islamabad last month, and echoes a similar feeling. "I just love the environment here; everybody is so friendly and co-operative. I feel at home. Fairfield is a very calm, pleasant, and nice place to live. I just love the people. It's great to be here."

Faculty & course structure

Our students appreciate the faculty, and the course structure. As Mansoor Altaf, from Peshawar puts it, "The greatest thing about MUM is its highly qualified and competitive faculty, who could compete with professors at any great university in the USA.

With the study of just one course full-time each month it is very easy to grasp the concepts and technical details of a single subject, rather than studying 4 or 5 subjects at a time. This block system really helps the students. Long live MUM."

Other unique features

All students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique at MUM. TM is a simple, non-religious mental technique shown by over 600 research studies to increase creativity and intelligence, while reducing stress and enhancing all aspects of life. As Ijaz explains, "The TM program is really helpful. The more you practice it, the more you see the results. It is really fruitful."

Additional special attractions of the Computer Professionals program which Kashif points out are the student loan program, and invaluable opportunity for fully-paid practical training as a Software Engineer in top US IT companies. Once students are offered a CPT job, they take out a loan and can repay the loan from earnings prior to graduation. So they graduate with no debt, excellent professional experience, and a highly regarded MUM MSCS degree.

Advice for future students

Mansoor advises MSCS candidates to have good Java and object oriented programming skills which will be helpful at MUM and in the IT industry.

"If you want to expand your knowledge, gain leading edge current skills and expertise, and pursue your professional goals, come to MUM to polish your professional skills. You will learn a lot," adds Kashif.

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