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April 2011

Women in the Computer Professionals Program

The Admissions Department of the MSCS Computer Professionals Program receives many queries from female software engineers around the world who are interested in our practical Masters program for experienced IT professionals. To answer many of the questions, we have asked our current students and graduates to express their experiences and feelings about this unique program. (We currently have 64 women from 23 countries enrolled.)

Expectations Versus Experience in the Program

"I was personally so excited with the great opportunity of working in big IT companies in the USA to gain solid professional experience. I learned about the program from my colleague who worked for Apple. Finally, after finishing my on-campus study, my dream came true. I am now working in my practical training internship for Verizon Wireless Company in Irving, Texas as a Software Developer."
- Chantha Kim (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), CPT (Curricular Practical Training internship) student

"As a woman, I was afraid of going far in the middle of an unknown world. But MUM was the best place I could go. I was always safe and learned how to grow in every aspect of my life."
- Liliana Auquilla (Ecuador), Graduate

"A different country, different people, I was wondering what life in the U.S. had in store for me. But now I wonder why I was so worried. I could not have expected friendlier, warmer and more affectionate people around me who are so optimistic and always encouraging."
- Dhanashri Patil (India), Graduate

"In my country many people think that MUM is an Indian institute, and not even a real university. I can say that it is not an Indian institution--it's one of the best Universities to gain the knowledge we need in our practical life and I am happy to be here.

Though we all are from different countries and cultures, all are so friendly, and I am so happy to see this, as I was quite worried how others would behave. All of the faculty and students are so co-operative and helpful."
- Rama Khanal (Kathmandu, Nepal), On-campus student

The MUM Community

"Everybody in MUM is kind, helpful and warm hearted. It is like a family relationship. I feel like we are brothers and sisters with other students, because we take care and help each other. It makes me feel like I am home."
- The The Aye (Yangdon, Myanmar), CPT student

"Peaceful life and friendly people are the most important memories I got in Fairfield. I felt warm when I was on campus. We shared cultural information, ideas in class, and so on. Everybody was so nice and helpful."
- Chantha Kim (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), CPT student

"I do love Fairfield. I like the people best there and how stress-free it is to be there."
- Meema Esguerra (Cebu City, Philippines), CPT student

"We have a very nice living area in Hildenbrand Hall, and the girls are friendly, so the living environment is nice, safe, and secure (security is available 24/7). Even Fairfield is so peaceful. I have not seen any trouble in my entire stay. Females of every country will like it."
- Eden Berhe (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), On-campus student

"What I really liked about my stay there was that everybody was very friendly and helpful. I felt like everybody was a part of a big family, and I felt very much at home in the campus. This is the first time in my life I have become close friends with many foreigners, too. The University definitely has a beautiful mixture of people representing various countries. My stay in the dorm got me much closer to many of the girls, and we were more like sisters taking care of each other."
- Dhanashri Patil (India), Graduate

"The best parts of MUM are the people and the environment. People in the university are very humble, polite and helpful. They make you feel cared for and appreciated. The people in the university put a lot of effort into making our stay in the university comfortable, happy and memorable.
I feel very privileged for the opportunity to live in this peaceful community. I have made great friends from all over the world, and have discovered so many new languages and cultures. This experience will definitely make us good human beings."
- Purnima Joshi (Kathmandu, Nepal), On-campus student

Female students in the MS in Computer Science Program, March 2011.

Benefits of the MSCS Program

"My course was excellent. I really like the way it was structured. The block system helped me focus on each subject in depth. I got great guidance from the extremely knowledgeable faculty who were always eager to help us out. I also found that getting to apply my knowledge during my internship job phase was a very practical approach to learning."
- Dhanashri Patil (India), Graduate

"I enjoyed every second of my stay at the University. The things I liked best were the intelligent and highly qualified professors, organic food, caring and loving staff members, and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation."
- Mrudula Mukadam (India) (Outstanding student, 2006-2007), Graduate

"Maharishi University of Management has truly helped me realize my dream. Everybody in the admissions, faculty, and placement office has done a wonderful job. For that, I will always be grateful."
- Leonisa Hermogino (The Philippines), Graduate

"The best features of the MS program are the faculty, and the demanding block system. Courses are professionally relevant, and regular TM practice helps computer professionals a lot to be successful in their lives by re-energizing and creating more orderly brains."
- The The Aye (Yangdon, Myanmar), CPT student

"The block system of instruction provided by experienced professors, the TM Technique, and the extensive financial aid package have been very crucial for me to get a good internship job and balance my life in the USA."
- Chantha Kim (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), CPT student

"The thing I like most about MUM is the block education system. The teaching technique here really helps students to gain detailed knowledge, and the homework given every day encourages us to enhance our skills. The TM technique helps to reduce stress so we can concentrate on our work and develop ourselves."
- Rama Khanal (Kathmandu, Nepal), On-campus student

"The courses are definitely very challenging, but they prepared me well for my job in the IT industry."
- Sonja Stankovic (Serbia), Graduate

"I like the block system of courses because we concentrate on only one subject, so we can give our full attention and discover the depth of the course. Additionally, the theory class in the morning and practical labs in the afternoon are the best blend for education."
- Purnima Joshi (Kathmandu, Nepal), On-campus student

Advice to Future Students

"At MUM I not only got perfect education, but I also learned how to live life in a better way, and how to get success in whatever I do. I enjoyed every second of my stay at MUM, and I highly recommend this University to all my friends and relatives. I am very lucky to have been a student of Maharishi University."
- Mrudula Mukadam (India), Graduate

"Practice TM regularly, follow instructions of faculty, eat organic food, live happily, observe diversity in your class mates--these things will help make you successful and enjoy the program.
I seriously recommend MUM for people who have the dream to get professional IT experience in the US without worrying about finances. As an extra benefit for your life, the TM technique is the gift from MUM to all students. I believe and experience that TM will help you live with less stress."
- The The Aye (Yangdon, Myanmar), CPT student

"You should have strong programming knowledge for this demanding study. If you are a strong programming professional, you should choose MUM. Be prepared for the variations in weather and the vegetarian diet."
- San San Htun (Yangdon, Myanmar), On-campus student

"It is not very hard for successful candidates to enjoy this program. Practice TM regularly, develop your English, and focus on project assignments and self-study as the steps to get a good internship job. Moreover, enjoy all activities at MUM and the Recreation Center as much as you can."
- Chantha Kim (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), CPT student

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