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May 2011

Revisiting the singing software engineer

Our December 2009 Newsletter featured Iranian-born student Saeid (Alex) Manhooei as "The singing software engineer." Recently, Saeid sent this email to Computer Science Dean Greg Guthrie:

Dear Dr. Guthrie:

It's been a long time since I have been in touch with my former professors and people who really helped me to be successful and happy in my career and education. I felt the need to say thank you and appreciate what all of you have done for me.

I think the way the Computer Professionals program is designed, really gave me an understanding of what types of tools I need to learn, and what pieces of knowledge I need to have in order to be successful.

To begin, I would say I have never felt stuck/trapped in any job interview because I always had an answer for a question based on my class discussions back in school. I remember that you and other professors used to share pieces of knowledge and materials beyond the academic points on your slides. You gave us the wisdom of your experience that really prepared us well for the tough market.

I want to emphasize the fact that the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) helped me to be clear and get in touch with my core purpose. I feel happy, and this effect of meditation influences my life, my career and everything around me. I have never felt freaked out when my manager has given me something that I might not know how to solve. As Maharishi put it, always find the root of the problem and take care of it from there. That's how I often solve problems.

As you might know, I changed my job recently and now I'm working for Perficient Company. It's a really good IT consulting company. They have given me an opportunity to work for their client "Abercrombie & Fitch". They knew that I have never worked in the SOA field, but they could see that I'm capable of learning and open to new areas.

I didn't let my manager down. He gave me a month to prove that I'm good enough to work as one of their Oracle SOA 10g developers. I picked it up within 12 days and I delivered 8 projects within a month while he expected me to deliver only 5.

I'm happy that I have been given the right tools, knowledge, attitude and motivation during my stay at MUM. I think the experience that I, and many other people had during the time back in school is priceless and unique. I can learn a lot easier now, because I have a clear mind. I don't keep the pressure and stress inside. I let it go when I meditate.

I know someone from MUM who is working for ICC, and he is also placed in Abercrombie. It's great to see all MUM students are successful, and making a good impression. It's a compliment to us and to the university that no matter what background, race or language we come from, we are all like a family. That's the culture of our school. I feel happy to be a part of this family.

I miss my school days and I want to keep in touch with all of you. Send my regards to everyone and let them know that I love all of them no matter where I am.

PS I believe that regular TM practice pays more than just doing it when you think you need it. It's a process of peeling off the layers of stress one by one, and experiencing the deep inner self. I guess my being able to learn faster than before is a sign of having a relaxed mental state. This helps me to concentrate during day and get enough sleep at night.

My manager is very happy with my progress and with what I'm delivering. He likes the fact that I take care of myself by eating healthful food, having enough sleep, and meditating.

Saeid (Alex) Manhooei

[Saeid is currently doing his practical training internship as a Technical Consultant focusing on Service Oriented Architecture, developing Web Services and Messaging systems for the high-end retail clothing company, Abercrombie and Fitch in Columbus, Ohio.

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