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July 2011

IT job recovery spurs on-campus recruiting

With the rapid economic recovery of the IT industry in the US, IT recruiters are looking for every possible advantage in hiring experienced, well-educated software engineers to fill what Moody's Analytics estimates are 150,000 new technology jobs during 2011.

In May, when the October 2010 MSCS entry students were in their 2-week Career Strategies Workshop, four companies came to MUM to interview 20 of them -- resulting in 11 fully paid Curricular Practical Training (CPT) positions. An additional 11 were hired unrelated to the campus visit.

MICROS Systems, Inc., a current employer of several MUM interns, sent five recruiters from three U.S. locations plus their Chief Technical Officer to Fairfield with plans to hire at least eight more students.

Michael Cohen, Operations Manager at MICROS Retail in Solon, Ohio, commented, "We're interested in a "group development" model to take to our clients. At MUM I sense that there is a lot of enthusiasm for learning and wanting to grow."

MICROS Corporate Recruiter Stephen D. Seville found that, "All of the candidates I interviewed were eager and enthusiastic, and a few did some exceptional research on our company. The interesting thing here at MUM, that I have not seen at other schools, is that not only are they Master's level candidates, but that they have real world experience, and because of this, we hire more Software Engineers from MUM than we do from Penn State."

Another company that came, Vitech Systems Group, Inc., (Manhattan, NY), was led by one of our MUM MSCS graduates who is now an IT hiring manager.

According to Wyatt Petersen, of The MUM Computer Science Department's Computer Professionals Career Center, "There is much energy generated by these company visits to MUM. Employers are very happy to be here, and our student/candidates are excited and enthusiastic. Whether a candidate is hired or not, the value of these real job interviews is immeasurable. This offers a valuable initial experience of the corporate world in the USA."

As word spreads about the quality of our students, we look forward to many more IT recruiting companies making MUM a regular stop for hiring top quality Software Engineers.

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