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August 2011

MUM Education Leads to Cloud Computing Internship

Software Engineer Utsav Srivastava came to MUM from India in October 2008, when the economic situation around the world was not good. He was concerned about investing in education far from home.

"It is not easy to concentrate on studies or anything when living so far away from home", says Utsav. "It could have been very difficult." However, Utsav gives the credit to MUM and its people who made life so easy and blissful.

MUM Academic Program

Utsav feels that the block system of education is the best part of MUM's academic program. "Life is so easy when we study only one subject at a time. It helps us to concentrate more on one subject and also study it in depth. Also, the subjects are based on current market demand which is very helpful for the student when he/she is looking for a job."

Uniqueness of MUM

By There are three things which make MUM unique:

  1. Block system of education.
  2. Internship & loan for up to 90% of your education.
  3. Stress free environment.

Advice for Prospective Students

"I would say that if you are serious about your career, and you are ready for challenges, then consider MUM. The schedule is very demanding. It's a serious business and requires hard work. Don't let small difficulties get in your way."

Three qualities would help you in MUM:

  1. Positive attitude.
  2. Good programming skills.
  3. Good communication skills.

"It's a bit challenging for International students, as English and American culture are foreign to us. The best thing is to know about American games, festivals, food and weather, and to develop good English skills before coming."

Advantages of MUM Education

"At MUM I improved my programming and other software development skills. Most of the subjects I learned are based on Java, and this was very helpful for me in my current work in cloud computing technology. Expertise in Java also helped me to easily learn new languages (Apex, Visual Force, SOQL and SOSL)."

Faculty & Transcendental Meditation® Program

"In most universities the faculty emphasize knowledge and education, which is good. However, stress is a problem. Faculty at MUM not only give in-depth current market knowledge, but they also help us to be stress free by having students learn the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program." This mental technology is scientifically proven to develop clearer thinking, greater comprehension and creativity, while dissolving stress.

Utsav's financial concerns were relieved when he got his Curricular Practical Training internship in 2010. He is now comfortably able to repay his loan, and enjoy greater financial independence.

"Life in MUM is beautiful. I still consider MUM as my first home in the US. All the love and support I got from MUM will always be with me."

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