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September 2011

Becoming a Successful Software Engineer--MUM Graduate's Experiences at Microsoft

On August 13th, Nabin Khanal, MUM MSCS graduate and Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, spoke with current MUM graduate students on becoming successful as a Software Engineer.

Nabin has his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Bangalore University, his MSCS from Maharishi University of Management (2001), and is presently a doctoral student in Business Administration at Argosy University in Seattle--in addition to working full time as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. Ten years ago he started as a Software Engineer in Test, and quickly became a manager of his own group, and expanded his role again to manage a team of managers. He has been a manager and advisor for many of our internship students who have gone to work for Microsoft.

During his informal, interactive talk with students, Nabin spoke about the great benefits of the MSCS program at MUM, and how recruiters can appreciate these benefits even during the job interview.

He also gave general advice on job interviews and what managers are looking for at this time. He answered many questions about what it is like to work at Microsoft, and how the education at MUM helped in terms of being hired at Microsoft. He said that recruiters decision is very much based upon the student's personality and how the manager feels about the person initially. The decision is usually made within the first minute or two, so the first impressions are important.

Nabin emphasized good communications and balance in life as keys to becoming a successful Software Engineer. In the employment interview, he emphasized the importance of students being clear, confident, and honest in making the important first impression with interviewers. Once on the job, timely, accurate, brief communication is essential for bringing projects to successful completion.

Even though Nabin works long hours during the week, bringing work home, studying for his PhD, keeping up with communications from managers and senior officials, Nabin told students that he doesn't even look at his computer during the weekend--this is time totally devoted to children and his wife.

While on campus he also gave a 3-day seminar on software development and testing practices at Microsoft. This is the third time Nabin has come to campus to give his seminar.

Our students and faculty are most grateful to a successful alumnus, who enjoys giving back for the educational benefits he has received at MUM.

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