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October 2011

Nearly half our graduates come from Africa

Since our MS in Computer Science for Computer Professionals Program began in 1996, 848 students from 70+ countries have graduated, with 410 (48%) coming from 14 African nations. We asked a few of our 191 current African students to tell us what they like about our MSCS program.

I am most fortunate to be doing my internship as a Software Engineer at a company that Fortune Magazine listed in "100 Best Companies to Work For." It is fulfilling to see that what I learned in the classroom is helping me succeed and enjoy my job! I will always be grateful to the MUM Computer Science faculty and administration for offering this education to me and many others from around the world.
--El Hadi Ould Tolba (Mauritania) 10/2010 entry

MUM Computer Professionals education has made a better software engineer out of me. It has inspired a lot more self-confidence, and has also emphasized the other side of education--the non-professional one, which mostly deals with how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Another important factor is the culture at MUM which stresses rest after activity. This really helps a lot out in the field in that it makes you fresh and able to keep tackling challenges coming your way every single day.

My MUM education definitely gave me an edge over the other engineers. The courses at MUM are geared towards the professional field with courses like Advanced Software Development, Algorithms, and Software Testing which really gave me a leg up on the competition, and played a crucial role in me obtaining and maintaining my current Curricular Practical Training (CPT) position.

My supervisor came up to me and told me it was out of question for him to let me go, and that my contract would get extended. I take that as a great sign, that my employer is pleased with the work I'm doing.

MUM is a great place to be. Education is great. People are respectful, helpful and always smiling. And you keep growing in knowledge even after on-campus study through CPT and Distance Education (DE). DE is a treasure chest of knowledge. I love it--especially subjects such as Computer Security, Operating Systems, Advanced Software Development, etc.."
--Omar Menjikuo Mefire (Cameroon) 05/2010 entry

MUM was the only university I applied to for my masters. I read about it online and immediately fell in love with the way the program is structured. I listened to, and read a couple of life changing testimonials by previous and current students of MUM, and could not wait to be part of this family.

The program so far has transformed me through its Consciousness-Based education, which includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. I have come to understand myself better, and the inner workings of some important parts of the brain, and how my thoughts and experiences influence my everyday life. I have personally improved my communication skills and ability to stay more focused on my targets. The practical approach in teaching courses in MUM has improved my technical knowledge to a great extent.

MUM is one big family where everybody cares. Students, faculty and staff create a very healthy environment where everybody can fit in. There is always someone to help when anyone is in need.

I am hoping for a good Internship opportunity in order to express my knowledge and learn more at the same time.
--Godwin Ayindenaba Anasigre (Ghana) 2/2011 entry

I came to the US with a goal of improving my capacity in the Software Development processes. Prior to joining the University, I was working as a head of IT with a start-up in Tanzania, where we setup a platform to support mobile based solutions, including the first mobile banking system in the country. Despite these achievements, I knew that I wasn't strong enough to survive and compete in the world of technology. I therefore wanted to supplement my knowledge and skills with more knowledge and experience from a good University.

I have constantly been receiving positive remarks from my Practical Training Internship supervisors from the time I joined the company. My initial contract was 6 months, and has been extended twice.
--Michael Tarimo (Tanzania) 10/2009 entry

It was always my dream to get the highest education possible and MUM helped me to achieve that.

MUM is like my second home. The people are so friendly and I am so grateful for the love and the support they gave me while I was on campus. The block system of classes, one subject at a time, helped me to focus to be effective, and grasp the knowledge efficiently."
--Mintamir Alaye Zegeye (Ethiopia) 10/2008 entry

One of my long term goals was to be a very strong Software Developer with the ability to compete in the world software market. By studying here for only 7-8 months, the Computer Professionals program provides you with the competitive edge to compete anywhere on the globe.

The environment and its people are very friendly. It is a safe place to study and be, especially if it`s your first experience in a foreign country with a different culture."
--Iddy Mussa Magohe (Tanzania) 2/2011 entry

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