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November 2011

Professor has Wealth of Industry Experience

Following a very productive and rewarding IT career, Steven Nolle moved to Fairfield in August 2010, so he could join our Computer Science faculty. Professor Nolle has 30 years of experience in developing high-speed data communications networks, broadband cable technology, intelligent networks, and computer telephony platforms.

Prior to joining Maharishi University of Management faculty he was doing software design, architecture, and development in the broadband cable area. He worked for 20 years at Bell Laboratories including 15 years as a Technical Manager where he managed multiple development groups completing all phases of the software development life cycle. He holds one US Patent and has 3 US Patents Pending, all in the area of optimizing high speed delivery of data, voice and video over broadband cable networks.

Academic Activities at Maharishi University of Management

Professor Nolle teaches Software Engineering, Modern Programming Practices, Computer Networks and Advanced Seminars to our graduate students.

In the recent Computer Networks CS450 course, an IT consultant assisted in creating a lab environment that simulated the core Internet architecture. With over 15 routers, 4 switches, and several hubs, students were able to see real world network configurations and protocols that demonstrated complex network topologies and routing as they might be configured in the industry.

Upon completion of the labs, the consultant donated 5 of the routers and 3 of the hubs for a permanent CS Department Laboratory that will be used for future Computer Networks courses.

Life at MUM

When asked why he came to MUM, Professor Nolle responded, "I came to MUM to enjoy the Transcendental Meditation (TM) community and participate in Consciousness-Based Education, which helps our students to expand their awareness and see their own creativity and intelligence in all the branches of Computer Science."

"Teaching at MUM is the best job in the world. We have wonderful students that are growing in knowledge and creativity every day, and wonderful faculty and staff. The CS program is especially dynamic and lively with an excellent balance of fundamental CS theory and practical exploration of the latest technology advances."

"I believe that practice of the TM technique gives our students a competitive edge in the computer industry, and that advantage continues to increase as the students continue their regular practice of TM."


"My personal goals are to continue growing in the areas of Software Engineering, Computer Networks and development of consciousness. I plan to incorporate the latest technologies and industry practices in my courses so our students are very well prepared to become leaders in the industry."

"I want students to experience how their intelligence and creativity are directly related to these CS topics, and that Consciousness-Based Education provides the TM technique as a practical method for expanding our intelligence and creativity on a daily basis," adds Professor Nolle.

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