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January 2012

Passionate about IT

At the age of 14, Syed Anas Ahmed discovered his passion for computer science. Initial exposure to the field in 10th grade immediately fascinated him. He wondered if computers have brains and memories like humans, and realized, "This was the subject I was always looking for."

Anas's hunger to absorb computer knowledge was totally consuming--the more he learned, the more obsessed he became to know more. His tireless pursuit led him to self-learning of programming languages. In his first year of college at the University of Karachi, Anas decided that he not only wanted to study computer science, but he had a burning desire to know exactly what happens in the real world with real applications of computer science.

With basic programming knowledge, he got a job as a UI designer in a software house 20 miles from his university. His love for the work motivated him to take the public bus to work and back, while maintaining studies at night. He worked hard to live his dream, and considers himself very lucky to be in a profession of great personal interest. As he puts it, "I never did my work for money, but did it for the love of it."

IT experience

Prior to coming to MUM, Anas worked for Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), as outsourced ERP consultant for a Microsoft Product called "Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains". It was the largest implementation of this product with more than 3600 active users, and Anas lead the technical team and development department as technical head. His many awards include letters of achievement and recognition for outstanding job performance.

Why come to Maharishi University of Management?

The ability to work in a top U.S. company after only 2 semesters on campus is the major reason why Anas selected MUM over several other US, Canadian, and UK university offers.

"I believe studying and working at the same time is beneficial in every aspect that one can think of. The M.S. in other universities requiring 2 years of academic studies on campus, limits the thinking of students to very basic problems that are only mentioned in books, and they don't relate what new is happening in the real world. Working while studying provides me an opportunity to apply the knowledge learned right away into the work, and encourages creativity, productivity, and deeper understanding in my studies."

The social and living environment at MUM was also attractive to Anas. He greatly enjoyed meeting students from many different races, countries and cultures, and playing guitar with them every Saturday afternoon.

Value of Transcendental Meditation Program for Software Engineers

Anas has thought deeply about his profession. "Developing high quality software systems requires a lot of thinking and clarity of mind. That's why software engineers get quite stressed out at times, and this is where the Transcendental Meditation(TM) technique helps me a lot. TM not only wipes away the day's stress, bringing with it inner peace, it also gives me a time to collect my thoughts and better prepare myself for the day."

Advice to Prospective MSCS Students

According to Anas, "Maharishi University of Management provides a great U.S. education with the most up-to-date curriculum, practical and relevant courses, top faculty (including MIT Ph.D.s), up to 2 years of paid practical training, and on top of everything, an opportunity to learn and practice the TM technique. What else are you looking for in your career?"

"It is highly crucial that a person takes maximum advantage of the opportunities that the world has to offer. Life is all about being multifunctional and diverse, in order to win the race for success. I strongly believe that MUM is offering a great opportunity that you can't afford to miss."

- - - -

Anas has recently started working at his practical training job as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) for I.B.I.S., Inc. in the Atlanta, Georgia area. His responsibilities include designing, developing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics products.

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