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March 2012

Professor Returns to Apply Latest IT Industry Knowledge

After an 18 month working sabbatical in the IT industry, Computer Science and Mathematics Professor Paul Corazza has returned to his faculty position at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

For 12 months, Dr. Corazza developed web-based tools to provide internal support for the Google Localization team, which translates all Google content (spanning 100+ products in 40+ languages), and to make sure the content reflects locale-specific attitudes, customs, and ways of interacting. He also developed skills in scripting languages, including JavaScript, PHP, and Python. These skills will be integrated into MUM's newly emerging Web Development courses.

At e-Trade, Professor Corazza worked for 6 months at the enterprise level, developing and refining a Spring-based framework for web application developers' use on the e-Trade website. He brings this experience with Spring and JavaScript into the classroom in the context of creating substantial, thriving enterprise applications.

Bringing the Latest Knowledge to our Students

Back in the classroom, Dr. Corazza teaches courses in Software Engineering, Algorithms, and also the basic introductory course for incoming students, called Fundamental Programming Practices (FPP). Students will now see bits of Spring in their Software Engineering classes, since Spring provides a standard implementation of new architectural patterns that have become industry standards.

Students in the Algorithms course will benefit from Professor Corazza's exposure to the highly "algorithms-conscious" Google culture.

Also, having been one of the main staffing interviewers for the architect group at e-Trade (and having been through the interview process at Google several times), he is especially aware of technical interview questions and techniques. The knowledge behind such questions will be incorporated into his FPP course.

The Joy of Teaching at MUM

When asked why he enjoys teaching MUM students, Dr. Corazza replied, "First of all, the students in the CS program are a rare breed. They are extremely motivated and ready to learn everything we have to teach. This makes the life of the teacher much more rewarding. Secondly, I love Maharishi's knowledge, and the program for enlightenment because it's my own path in life, and also because I have the opportunity to share this with students in a way that can really speak to their lives. And finally, I love my research and have more time to work on it between month-long courses than would be possible at another university or at a full-time job."

Uniqueness of the MUM Masters in Computer Science Program

"The MUM MSCS program is one of the largest graduate CS programs in the country," added Professor Corazza. "On the surface, it is a successful program because of a large dedicated team who work diligently to make sure every step in the life of the student moves forward smoothly--from the early stages of getting a visa to ensuring a proper level of readiness for the level of our instruction, and for our Consciousness-Based Education approach. Successful placement in top-quality IT internship jobs, and beyond, are equally important areas of focus by our professional career placement staff."

When asked why our academic program is so highly regarded around the world, Dr. Corazza commented, "No other university cares for its students the way we do. The word gets around, and so we are very popular internationally. Deeper than this, though, the feature that really distinguishes our program is our inclusion of Transcendental Meditation® practice, as well as practical integration of Maharishi Vedic Science principles through all our courses."

"Our students come here primarily to develop successful IT careers, but they get something extra through this Consciousness-Based approach," Professor Corazza emphasized. "That 'extra' turns out to be a vital key to the success they are seeking both in their careers and in their lives as a whole."

Advice for Prospective MUM MSCS Students

Dr. Corazza wants all potential Software Engineering students to know, "Your ambition to succeed here is such a great thing. You are headed for success. But give the new things that we offer here a chance too. Meditation may not be the reason you came here, but once you're here, give it a try and see what benefits come. See if the success you seek can come more easily and more abundantly with this new knowledge."

"In my careers at Google, e-Trade, and as a professor of mathematics and computer science, I have been able to solve problems I never dreamed I could solve, and I've handled situations and obstacles that seemed to be beyond hope and without solution. In every case, such successes have happened because of regular practice of the TM technique. Without the deep support that comes from that level of life, my successes in career and in life would be substantially less. Wishing you the greatest success and fulfillment in your life while you are here, and in your life after MUM."

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