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May 2012

Chinese Software Engineers Choosing MUM

Maharishi University of Management's Master's in Computer Science (Computer Professionals program) has students from more than 50 countries currently enrolled. We are very happy to see the diversity of nationalities in this program, and honor and respect every culture and religion. We are always proud to see the great level of professionalism in our students, no matter what country they come from.

Over the past 15 years, a few countries have been strongly represented in this program. We have seen large numbers of students come from Ethiopia, Nepal, and more recently from Jordan and Egypt. In the past year, however, there has been a rise in the number of students joining us from China. We are very happy to have these very bright Computer Professionals enroll in this Master's degree program to increase their IT knowledge and experience. Of the more than 400+ current Masters in Computer Science students, 59 are from China.

Outstanding Student

One outstanding Chinese student from the October 2011 entry is Hu Chen. Prior to coming to MUM, Hu worked as a Java Software Engineer for the global Computer Science Corporation in Shanghai.

While on campus, Hu became the top student in his class. Community members found him to be very friendly, diligent, and extremely happy with his academic program and the campus environment. In April, Hu asked if he could create a video explaining his satisfaction with our program to other Chinese software engineers. He completed the 10 minute video in only two weeks. Viewers in China can see the video here. Earlier this month, Dr. Keith Levi, Chairman of the Computer Science Department, awarded Hu the Outstanding Student Award at a campus-wide assembly.

Within two weeks of completing his on-campus coursework, Hu received three offers for his Curricular Practical Training (CPT) internship. As of this writing, Hu is traveling to take his new position as Consultant with the Columbus, Ohio based Information Control Corporation (ICC). He selected this company, because he knows several other MUM CPT students currently working at ICC who are very impressed with the organization. Upon completing his internship, Hu plans to start a new US-China software company.

When asked how he liked living in Fairfield, Iowa, Hu responded, "I will definitely say, you won't know what real happiness is, where the most harmonious place is, and what the most wonderful life is unless you come to Fairfield to experience the beauty of nature, and the source of bliss in this place."

Some of Our Newest Students

In February 2012, Peng Wang and nine other Chinese professionals enrolled in our MS program. Peng left a leadership management position working on the Content Delivery Network with the Cisco China R&D Center to enhance his career with an MUM degree. His long-term goal is to start his own US-China software company.

One of Peng's classmates, Lei Zhang, previously worked as a Software Engineer at the prestigious ICT Natural Language Processing Research Group at the Institute of Computing Technology in Beijing. This highly regarded laboratory is a leader in developing Natural Language Processing products.

Another impressive member of the February 2012 group is Lianhui "Shawn" Shan. He worked for the internationally renowned Siemens Corporation Research Center in Princeton, New Jersey before coming to MUM. At Siemens, Shawn worked for the System Architecture and Platform group, helping to develop a leading-edge systems analysis tool. He later worked for the Requirements Engineer group where he updated and created requirements templates and writing rules.

Appreciation from MUM Administration

According to MUM Vice President of Asia Expansion, Dr. Yunxiang Zhu, "We are very happy to see the high quality students from China these past many years. They enjoy their life and studies at MUM."

According to Dr. Zhu, "As word of the quality and value of the MUM Computer Professionals Program is spreading throughout China, Chinese government leaders and universities have begun recommending our program to software engineers there. In the last 6 months, officials at the prestigious Beijing Language and Culture University have signed an agreement, and already sent two students to study for their Computer Science Masters degrees at MUM." See video of students from Beijing here.

Dr. Zhu also mentioned that, "Early this Spring, MUM welcomed two leaders of the Chinese Ministry of Education's Dongfang International Exchange Committee Study Abroad organization. Dongfang is now promoting the MUM Computer Professionals Program through their University connections in China."

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