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July 2012

Grateful Bangladeshi Software Engineer

Istiaque Ahmed Khan earned his BS degree in Computer Engineering from American International University - Bangladesh in 2007. He then worked for 3.5 years in three different companies before deciding to enhance his career with more education. According to Istiaque, "I always wanted to complete my Master's Degree abroad, but honestly my family was not in a position to spend the huge amount for my study. I already accepted the fact that the dream of studying abroad was never going to happen."

Maharishi University of Management meets the need

Istiaque first learned about MUM from an Internet ad. He looked into what the university offers, and honestly felt it was 'too good to be true.' For some reason MUM stayed in the back of his mind, and he decided, 'What have I got to lose?' There was no charge for the initial application, and the whole selection process gave him a lot of confidence in the university. He went through 4 application phases, including a standard online programming test and phone interviews, and started believing in it.

Istiaque found two major attractions to MUM. First, the financial program: The initial cost of taking the 7-8 months of on-campus coursework is only $3500 - $7000, depending on one's level of qualification. The majority of the MS program costs are covered under an MUM arranged bank loan once students are hired for their Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Internship, which provides ample ability to repay the loan while working in a US company.

Second, the Career Strategies Workshop: "I am ever grateful to the Computer Professionals Program Career Center staff who made this program successful with all their hard work," says Istiaque. "In addition to giving invaluable knowledge of best practices for finding IT internships and getting hired, the staff taught us a lot about living in the US. This helps me every day here to live my life at ease."

Classes are taught by experienced, caring faculty, and the students come from around the world. The program is full of practical and rich knowledge. The strategy of taking one course each month, full-time, provides a great learning experience. Istiaque notes, "I finished my courses without any mental pressure for a single moment--and that's a fact."

Istiaque continues, "What I didn't realize at first, is that people like us who have limited resources, but big dreams, need as much help as we can get. I am talking in terms of solid guidelines, support and care. We cannot afford the large expense of studying in a big expensive university. MUM has given me not only the door to a better career, but also helped me to accomplish this on my own, sparing the burden to my parents."

"I won't say it was easy," says Istiaque. "It was a major decision to come this far from home. MUM can help you build something big, if you are willing to make the effort. The University offers the most help of any university in the whole world in building your IT career. This is one of a kind. My dream is coming true. Yours can too."

[Istiaque Ahmed Khan is doing his CPT internship as a Application Engineer at MICROS-Retail in Solon, Ohio. His supervisor has commended him for learning their sophisticated OOP environment so quickly.]

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