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August 2012

New MIS Professor Enriches MSCS Program

The MUM Computer Science Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anil K. Maheshwari to the faculty. According to Department Chairman Dr. Keith Levi, "Professor Maheshwari brings a wealth of MIS knowledge and experience to our curriculum. His courses will provide students with real-world tools to link the needs of businesses with the development of their administrative and commercial software products."

As Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and Computer Science, Dr. Maheshwari has joint appointments in both the Management and Computer Science Departments. While teaching in both the MSCS and MBA programs, he will teach students how to bridge the gap between management and computer science, so that they better understand the rationale behind the software they develop. One of Professor Maheshwari's primary goals is to also develop an MIS certification program that our MSCS graduates can pursue to enhance their career potential.

Educational background

Professor Maheshwari has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology--Delhi, the top engineering institute in India, along with an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management--Ahmedabad, India's #1 management institute. He earned his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio--a top 10 school in MIS graduate studies.

Professional experience

Dr. Maheshwari brings to MUM over 25 years of rich and varied work experience in industry and academia.

He spent 9 years at IBM in marketing and program management roles in Austin, TX, in addition to shorter stints at a telecom start-up, and a couple of mid-sized IT companies in senior leadership roles. Prior to coming to the US, he worked in India for over 7 years, and ran his own IT consulting company in Delhi.

Upon completing his Ph.D. in 1995, Professor Maheshwari spent a few years as Assistant Professor of MIS at the University of Cincinnati, and at City University of New York. He has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and at Colorado Technical University.

Role at MUM

Initially, Professor Maheshwari will teach Systems Analysis and Design, and Business Intelligence and Data Mining courses to our MSCS students.

According to Dr. Maheshwari, "Systems approach is an organized way of dealing with a problem. The Software Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can be visualized as having three major phases. It begins with preliminary and feasibility studies to make the decision to develop a system. This is followed by a detailed systems analysis, in which every aspect of the current system is studied and analyzed, and a new system is designed to meet the needs of the organization. Finally, the system design is brought to life through software engineering techniques including coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance of the system. Systems Analysis is thus the middle phase in SDLC."

Systems analysts act as outside consultants to businesses, as supporting experts within a business, and as change agents. They are problem solvers and require strong communication skills as they build relationships with users and customers. Professor Maheshwari emphasizes that, "Knowledge of Systems Analysis will help software engineers better understand the rationale behind the system they are developing, and thus be more valuable to their employers in creating systems that better meet the needs of their users."

Advice for prospective students

Information technology and systems continue to be a rapidly changing, growth area. New developments and initiatives like Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Media, and Big Data continue to keep the field growing and exciting. Dr. Maheshwari advises, "I recommend that prospective students try to discover what they enjoy doing, and thus find an area where they can focus and excel.

More importantly, with college costs soaring, they should find a school that offers the best bang for the buck. They should look for a school where they don't just earn a degree, but which also allows them to develop hands-on expertise, and to seamlessly slide into a nourishing work environment where they can earn while they learn."

Dr. Maheshwari with daughter, Nupur, and wife, Neerja.

The attraction of MUM

MUM is a unique place that focuses on Consciousness-BasedSM education (CBE) while still imparting world-class technical knowledge from world-class faculty.

The heart of CBE is the Transcendental Meditation® program, practiced twice a day by all students and faculty. Based upon 32 years of personal TM practice, Professor Maheshwari has experienced that, "TM offers software engineers an effortless way of developing greater awareness of their own conceptual and creative potential, so they can think more creatively and integratively about the software they are designing and developing. TM practice helps to reduce stress, focus sharply on what is truly important, and to alleviate mindless reactions to surface level complexity and undesirable events."

The MSCS at MUM permits bright software engineers from around the world to deepen their skills, and slip into a work-and-learn environment through a special internship program with top US companies, after just a few months of classes in a safe, friendly town in the heart of the USA--and doing it all on a small budget!

The entire MUM Community warmly welcomes Professor Maheshwari, his wife Neerja, who plans to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Business at MUM, their younger daughter Nupur, who is starting college in Texas this fall, and their elder daughter Ankita, an aerospace engineer working in Ohio.

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