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January 2013

Cloud Computing Enters the Curriculum

One of the major goals of the MUM Computer Science Master's program is to prepare students for professional success in leading-edge areas of the computing profession as a basis for their personal success and accomplishment. To support this goal we recently offered a new two week seminar on Cloud Computing with Professor Premchand Nair. Professor Nair is a well published researcher and scholar on our faculty who is now active in the areas of Big Data, Data Mining, and Cloud Computing. The high demand for cloud software developers is evidenced by upwards of 3,800 cloud-related job listings currently shown on, the popular tech-focused job site. Cloud Software Engineers are the second highest cloud profession in demand on Dice.

According to Dr. Nair, "Just as water and electricity are utilities that most people routinely purchase and use each day, cloud computing is becoming the underlying technology that transforms computing facility as a common utility of the near future."

Prof. Nair teaches in a manner to not only convey the technical content of these exciting new areas, but also to instill student self-confidence, self-sufficiency and experience in the numerous technologies required for students to feel comfortable in their future jobs using Cloud Computing technologies. Students worked in teams of two, and with preparation by a few brief introductory lectures and textbook material, each team learned how to install the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) and Google Web Toolkit (GWT), determine their own Cloud application projects, and develop these applications for presentation to the class at the end of the course. One aspect of this seminar was the hands-on self-learning of the new areas. Professor Nair acted as the project manager and consultant for all project teams.

According to Egyptian student Ahmad Hagag, "The practical value of this course is that we learned a new framework to develop applications online. Not only that, we now believe more in ourselves, as we learned this development method on our own. The professor just guided us to the key points and let us deal with it. I liked the approach."

Student Cloud projects

  • Huanjie Wang (China) and Homayoon Taheri (Iran): Activity Planner System for individuals and organizations
  • Kamran Younus (Pakistan) and Hussein T.H. Al-betar (Jordan): Course Registration and Assignments Management System
  • Sundus Yousuf (Ethiopia) and Hosain Fathelbab (Egypt): JITT Chat--Just In-Time Translation Chat, allowing individuals in different locations to chat with each other in their own native languages
  • Nand Raj Joshi (Nepal) and Daniel W. Tadesse (Ethiopia): Customer Relationship Management System for small businesses
  • Abdelrahman Elbakry (Egypt) and Mohammad Qaffaf (Jordan): Hotel reservation system
  • Ahmad Hagag (Egypt) and Izzeddin Hussein S. Alkouz (Jordan): Google Maps Places-visited Commenting / Retrieval System
  • Yan Chen (China) and Zhe Shi (China): Cost Management System
  • Sophat Nouv (Cambodia) and Zhaoliang Meng (China): Sticky note / Notepad application
  • Surojit Das (India) and Minh Nguyen (Viet Nam): EasyTask, end-user online appointment scheduler
  • Blaine Dondi Lapitan (Philippines) and Abd El Hamid El Gazzar (Egypt): SmartTrack, task manager with deadline notification system
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