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February 2014

A Better Future for Kenyan Programmers

Stanley Kariuki is a highly motivated individual. He grew up in the small town "Kutus" in Kirinyaga district, Central Kenya. While studying for a Bachelor in Business Information Technology degree at the highly regarded Strathmore University, he realized that he would have to take extra initiative to prepare himself for a career as a software developer. In his final undergraduate year he enrolled as a database major, and began self-instruction in programming languages.

After graduation, Stanley worked as an analyst for open capital advisors, and developed various proprietary programs as a freelancer. He then worked as a lead developer while building a startup company in Nairobi.

This is when Stanley first learned about Maharishi University of Management:

"At first glance, the name Maharishi made me wonder how an Indian named University would be in America. It seemed like a deal too good to be true. But the website has a lot of information on the University and anything you might need to know. I took my time to learn more about the University and the MSCS program from the website and through friends. I was lucky to meet a colleague at my previous company who knew someone who had been at MUM, and that’s when I really got to know it was for real. The Admissions staff also helped me learn more about the University, and cleared any doubts that I might have had."

Why Maharishi University of Management?

"To the IT professionals in Kenya, there are equally good opportunities in Kenya, the heart of Silicon Savannah, but there are important things you will pick up at MUM. If you are willing to learn and apply yourself, this is a place to gain helpful and insightful knowledge. The technologies they teach are recent advancements in the IT industry. You experience as you learn through practical assignments in each course."

"Besides offering hands-on experience, Maharishi University of Management is a really nice place to be. From the first interactions I had with the Admissions staff, I could tell there was something special about MUM. I was right. MUM is one of the most amazing places to live and to study. The faculty are remarkable, and the students are really great. It’s like one big international family working to build your career."

MUM is located in Fairfield, Iowa (southwest of Chicago). Some of Stanley's friends in the U.S. were wondering why he chose a small town in a rural location rather than a bigger city. According to Stanley, "Fairfield has a quiet, peaceful environment with great beauty, and the people here are warm and great. This community is awesome. I have made friends with people from different countries and am loving it here. I will miss this a lot when I leave."

Advice for Kenyan friends

"Well, my friends back home would do well with such a great program like the MUM MS in Computer Science for Computer Professionals. I want to help more Kenyan software students develop their careers. I have been keeping in touch with a few friends, and some have challenges in qualifying to come here, since you need to have good experience in software development. So, I want to get a few programming projects for them to work on, because I know that experience will help them learn and better their skills in preparation for coming to MUM."


When Stanley Kariuki left his native Kenya in June 2013 to come to MUM, it was his first time on an airplane. His goal is to get into the software development business, try out a few ideas, and hopefully help some of his Kenyan friends take their first airplane to the U.S. and MUM.

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