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April 2014

International Cyber-Security Educator Joins Faculty

The MUM Computer Science Department is pleased to introduce and welcome a new faculty member, Eduard Babulak, DSc, PhD. Dr. Babulak is a renowned international educator and scholar in the important area of "Computer-Cyber Security in conjunction with Future Computer Networks, Internet and Ubiquitous Smart Computing."

A Canadian citizen, born in Czechoslovakia and educated in the United Kingdom, Dr. Babulak has lived, studied, worked and traveled in Europe, North America, East Asia, the South Pacific, and the Middle East. He has worked with people from all over the world and communicates in 15 languages. His research has been presented and published in numerous countries, and he has been an invited speaker at such prestigious institutions as Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his career, he worked in industry and business for over ten years, while working in academia as College Instructor, University Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate and Full Professor for over 25 years.

Research interests

While in Canada (1993-1999), Prof. Babulak did research in Parallel and Data-Flow Computing in conjunction with Supercomputer Architecture, Multimedia Communications and Computer Systems Performance Analysis. Since then, while in the U.S., UK, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Fiji, Japan, South Korea, and China his varied research interests have been in Computer-Cyber Security, Next Generation Computer Networks, Future Internet, Ubiquitous Smart Computing, Quality of Service Provision Assessment, Tele-Medicine and Robotics.

Interest in Maharishi University of Management

When Dr. Babulak first learned about Maharishi University of Management and the Transcendental Meditation® technique from a South Korean colleague last year, he was immediately interested in learning more about our uniqueness, and was pleased to learn of the need for additional faculty. He says, "I found the combination of excellence in teaching, research, and learning while practicing the TM technique to be a most wonderful and efficient way to improve one's learning potential, as well as contributing to the betterment of mankind."

"As Professor of Computer Science, I wish to contribute to MUM's high academic standards and excellent reputation nationwide and worldwide. I believe that the subject of "Computer—Cyber Security in conjunction with Future Computer Networks, Internet and Ubiquitous Smart Computing" creates a lot of opportunities for the Department of Computer Science to expand the existing program while attracting the best graduate students from the nation and overseas."

Computer Security as an essential field

According to Professor Babulak, the current state-of-the-art in computerization has impacted every field of study, industry and business, while having a strong social impact affecting the daily life of most of the people on the planet. To make sure that computerization is safe and reliable, software and applications developers are challenged to build secure and safe systems that require special skills and knowledge in Computer-Cyber Security and Intercommunication Networks Infrastructures.

Future technologies will use new materials, new computational concepts and designs that will create "Ubiquitous Smart Computational Devices" being a fully integrated part of human clothing, houses, medical applications, cars, appliances, etc., while facilitating a platform for "Fully Automated Cyberspace." Computer-Cyber Security will be essential to make sure that the future Fully Automated Cyberspace is safe and secure for everyone, at anytime and everywhere.

In consultation with the Dean, Department Chairman and colleagues, Professor Babulak hopes to promote the creation of a new program in "Cyber Security and Ubiquitous Smart Computing." Developers trained in this increasingly important area will be in high demand worldwide.

This semester, Dr. Babulak will teach courses on Cyber Security and Computer Networks.

Personal interests

Dr. Babulak is enjoying the natural beauty of the MUM campus: "I enjoy walking, watching birds, animals, country side, while pausing for a while and meditating and reflecting on life." He further describes himself as, "a humble human being, a scholar, an educator and learner who seeks and promotes values of humanity, enlightenment and wisdom."

We happily welcome Professor Babulak to our University and the Fairfield community!

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