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October 2014

Students Give "One Course A Month" High Grades

By studying one course each month (the block system), MUM students focus deeply on just one subject, and do not have to deal with the fragmentation and stress that come from studying and test-taking for several unrelated disciplines at the same time. Final exams are given at the end of each 4-week block, giving students a long weekend to relax, and then a new course begins the next week, building on previous courses.

Factors assuring quick assimilation of knowledge in the block system

  • Faculty give new topic lectures in the mornings, while students' minds are fresh. After lunch, students are given relevant practical lab assignments and projects, reinforcing intellectual concepts from morning lectures.
  • All students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique. They do TM prior to classes in the morning to insure mental clarity, increased energy, and alertness throughout the day. At the end of each day's classes, students and faculty again practice the TM technique, to once again dissolve any accumulated fatigue, and "re-charge their batteries" for productive evening study.

Other Advantages of the Block System

  • Allows for visiting scholars to come to MUM and teach during their free time
  • Allows for studying shorter 1-2 week seminars to gain knowledge of the most current trends in any field
  • Gives faculty the ability to pursue research, writing, and course development full-time when they are not teaching

Student Quotes

"One subject at a time and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation help students assimilate knowledge and improve their ability to perform."
—Sanjeewa Kelum Jayasinghe (Sri Lanka)

"The curriculum was full of rich knowledge. I really liked the one-month, one-course strategy. I completed my courses without any mental pressure for a single moment, and that's a fact. My dream is coming true. Yours can too."
—Istiaque Ahmed Khan (Bangladesh)

"I liked the block system at Maharishi University of Management. It's not like the education system in Cambodia that requires students to learn multiple subjects at the same time. With the block system, I just focused only on one subject, making learning easy and satisfying."
—Sony An (Cambodia)

"Studying one subject at a time in the relaxing, peaceful, and stress-free learning environment of MUM is a major plus, and adds to the uniqueness of this program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing such opportunity whether they are in the early stages of their careers or experienced professionals, and whether they are coming from a computer science, engineering, or any other related background."
—Mohamed T. Salem (Egypt)

"MUM follows a unique system of education by offering the block system of education instead of the semester pattern. This system brings the best out of the student, and also helps him concentrate on one course at a time."
—Srinivasan Jayaram (India), Outstanding 2014 Graduate Award

"The best thing about this place is that it's very peaceful and organized. I really like the idea of studying just one course each month, and then enjoying a long weekend."
—Deepak Singla (India)

"The block system of studying one course per month made a world of difference from typical school systems where students take 5 to 6 courses at a time during the semester. Taking one course each month gave the advantage of delving into the subject and really internalizing the knowledge, while keeping it enjoyable and stress free."
—Purevdondov Enkhbayar (Mongolia)

"The education system here is based on the block system, so we do not have to study many subjects at a time. We can focus and go deeply into each subject. MUM education is Consciousness-Based, which means we can develop our inner consciousness along with the academic knowledge. The personal development is insured by the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation."
--Sujan Gautham (Nepal)

"I recommend students choose MUM to make their dream of becoming professional software engineers come true. The courses have been structured in such a way that students study one course each month, and then move to the next course. This is called the block system of education. As a result, learning is easy and comfortable. Students enjoy the process, unlike at other universities where they have to study for several courses at a time. Due to the block system, students can focus deeply on each course, and gain complete knowledge of each subject."
—Keshab Katuwal (Nepal)

"What I like most about the program is the structure, the content, the professors, and the 2 years practical training component. We only need to study one course full-time for a month, so for me it's very manageable.

Aside from that, the focus is on software development and not research, which for me is more important in my career as a Software Developer. The courses are also up-to-date, and in line with the latest trends."
—Oliver Hernando (the Philippines)

"MUM offers the Consciousness-Based education system in which students learn only one subject at a time. I studied only one subject per month. It was really interesting. I could focus deeply on the subject that I was studying. We had more discussions in class, as well as labs with fellow students. The professors were very helpful, and could be reached when we had any question or concern."
—Niwech Harnkham (Thailand)

"The kindness from all staff and faculty, and support for hard work opened the door of great success in my life. By taking one course each month, it reduced the stress. The Transcendental Meditation technique is valuable and effortless. It helped me achieve more by reducing all the stress and strain, and allowing me to think more clearly."
—Uma Ramachandra (India)

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