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November 2014

MUM Students and Jim Carrey Enjoy the Transcendental Meditation® Technique

What do all students and faculty at Maharishi University of Management have in common with Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey? They all enjoy practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. Not only does Jim Carrey practice the TM technique, he recently came to Maharishi University of Management to give our 2014 Commencement Address and receive an honorary doctorate degree.

Why learn TM?

When students enroll at MUM, they all learn the TM technique. The reason for this is that over 350 scientific research studies in more than 200 top research institutions around the world have shown that regular practice of TM improves all areas of life. For students, this means clearer thinking, greater comprehension, increased creativity, better health, better grades, increased happiness and self-satisfaction, better job performance, and increased problem-solving ability. According to Computer Science Professor Joseph Lerman, "TM practice helps software developers perform better on the job by thinking more clearly and creatively, and by dealing more effectively with the pressure and stress of work deadlines. Our students graduate with an MS in Computer Science, and they enjoy benefits of TM for the rest of their lives."

Easy fit for college life

Well-suited to the college student’s busy routine, the TM technique is practiced for just 20 minutes twice a day. It’s easily learned in just a few days and doesn’t involve concentration or having to clear your mind of thoughts. It is a non-religious meditation that involves no belief or change in lifestyle. Over six million people have learned it—people of all ages, cultures, and religions.

Research on the TM technique has shown:

  • Improved memory and IQ
  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased creativity and alertness
  • Broader comprehension and greater ability to focus
  • Greater emotional balance
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased job satisfaction and improved job performance

What happens when we meditate?

During practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique the mind effortlessly settles to quieter levels of thinking, tapping our inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence at its silent depths. Simultaneously the body gains deep rest and releases accumulated stress and tension. After meditation, awareness is infused with greater clarity, alertness, and inner calm for more successful and rewarding activity.

Students enjoy daily Transcendental Meditation program

Student experiences

"I love this place and the University. The best thing about MUM is that it's totally unique in the world, because practicing the TM technique connects my life with my profound education." Rajendra Joshi (Nepal)

"One of the benefits of practicing TM for me is being calm and in control. It's a process of deep mental and physical relaxation that dissolves the layers of stress one by one. I think that my being able to learn faster than before is a sign of having a relaxed mental state due to TM." Saeid Manhooei (Iran)

"Transcendental Meditation helps me to develop my inner capabilities and to enhance my emotional stability." Mohamed Sobhy Farag (Egypt)

“The MS in Computer Science program offers state-of-the-art classes to help boost the career of computer professionals. Studying one subject a month and regularly practicing Transcendental Meditation help students assimilate knowledge and improve their ability to perform.” Sanjeewa Kelum Jayasinghe (Sri Lanka)

“I enjoyed every second of my stay at the University. The things I liked best were the intelligent and highly qualified professors, organic food, caring and loving staff members, and regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.” Mrudula Mukadam (India), Outstanding 2007 MSCS Graduate

“Coming to MUM was the biggest decision I ever made in my life, and I never regretted it. The most important thing I learned was the Transcendental Meditation technique—a natural and effortless way to help me gain unbounded awareness and great achievement in my life. After finishing this program, I got a good, well-paying job back in my country.” Nancy Vann (Cambodia)

“MUM provides an excellent Master’s Program in Computer Science. The Transcendental Meditation technique is a unique component of the program which helps students improve their concentration in studies, wipe away the stress, and bring in innovative and creative thoughts.” Srinivasan Jayaram (India), Outstanding 2014 MSCS Graduate

"TM is an effortless technique that is non-religious, and does not interfere with my Christian beliefs. It is just for developing and realizing your true self. TM has helped my life a whole lot." Adebayo Ajibade (Nigeria/Russia)

"Thanks to TM, I am able to keep focused on my job for hours without getting distracted. When a situation arises, I am calm and can assess it with a positive attitude, and often see a solution before my colleagues who have spent more time than I have on the same project. At the same time, once I get out of the office, I am able to detach and leave the job behind me, so I can focus on my studies and enjoy my free time." Marco Carerra (Italy)

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