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November 2014

Web Developer is also a Concert Violinist

Asaad Saad grew up in a music-loving family in Aleppo, Syria. His involvement with music started at the Aleppo Music Institute when he was in fourth grade. Along with his brother and sister, Asaad first learned how to read music for two years. His sister then learned piano, his brother learned clarinet, and the violin was for Asaad. For six years the children studied with Russian music teachers, usually after school.

After studying at the Institute, Asaad joined the Aleppo Music Chamber Orchestra. Then in 2006 he moved to the United Arab Emirates where he joined the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra (UAEPO) and later the UAE National Symphony Orchestra. According to Asaad, "It was such a joy to meet musicians from all around the world and play for peace and human unity."

The role of music in his life

After moving to the UAE, Asaad searched for music groups to feed his thirst for music. He continues, "And I came across UAEPO, a big family of musicians, mostly professional expatriates. I have to admit that I learned so much from them. We played big concerts all around the UAE. I'm so grateful for Philipp Maier our German conductor and Nona Harutyunyan the Concert master for their support." Asaad's favorite composers are Tchaikovsky and Dvorak.

In the last two years Asaad also helped two friends establish Chamber Music Abu Dhabi. Their mission is to build a vibrant classical music scene in Abu Dhabi, with concerts featuring some of the world's most exciting young performers in innovative programs.

Interest in computers

When asked how he became interested in computers, Asaad replies, "I play music as a hobby. I assume it helped me in getting good grades in high school and studying software engineering. I didn't have any interest in computers when I first started, but later I discovered that programming is so much fun. It feels like I'm the composer and the computer plays my code."

Asaad specializes in Web Development. In Syria he worked for, a leading e-Commerce company. In the UAE he worked for the Abu Dhabi Police, developing and maintaining government websites and e-services.

"I use my computer skills to record digital music, so it's easier for me to edit the track, change its speed, and change the pitch. I think the digital age added so much to music. But classic music will stay my favorite."


"My goal is to help people around me discover the meaning of our lives, and how we are united as humans. I think music helps us to expand ourselves, look to our problems from a different perspective, and cope better with life. I like to make people around me happy. It doesn't matter if it's through music or a piece of software-service I will create!" Asaad came to MUM to enhance his ability to achieve his goals. Through growth in knowledge, self-development, and inner happiness, he hopes to contribute more to help relieve suffering and establish unity in the world.

Violin concert at MUM

On Saturday evening, November 8th, after only three weeks at MUM, Asaad and local violinist Paean Lee gave the MUM community a special gift. They presented a delightful, "Food for the soul..." concert of classical violin music, featuring works by Bach, Vivaldi, Oscar Reiding, and others, along with "Thais Meditation," his favorite piece. (See performance video.) Asaad's recorded digital piano accompaniment helped create a rich and full musical experience. The joy exuded by the performers, and their professional musicianship resulted in an unforgettable evening of deep appreciation and happiness for the audience.

Life at MUM

During his 8 years in the UAE, Asaad enjoyed living and dealing with an international community. He finds the same harmonious diversity and unity at Maharishi University of Management. "I find MUM students and staff very friendly. People here are kind, down-to-earth, and free of ego."

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