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June 2015

New Faculty Applying IT to Enhance Lives of the Information Poor in Developing Nations

When you are born on the 3000 year-old island of Sandvip, near Chittagong, Bangladesh, survival requires resiliency and resourcefulness. These qualities aptly describe our newest Computer Science Professor, Dr. Emdad Khan. From humble beginnings, Dr. Khan grew up with a desire to utilize modern technologies to improve the quality of life for all people throughout the world.

Educational Background

After earning a BSEE degree at BUET in Bangladesh (1977), Professor Khan came to the U.S. where he completed an MSEE (1982), an MS in Engineering Management at Stanford University (1989), and finally completed his PhD in Computer Science (1998) at U.C. Santa Cruz. His dissertation was on Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments.

Areas of Expertise

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Khan has focused on education, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the global economic, social, cultural and educational quality of life for all people on our planet.

His expertise extends from Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science, to Internet, Intelligent Internet, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Semiconductors and VLSI.

His work in the areas of Big Data, Natural Language Understanding and Intelligent Agent Based Web led to the start up of the company, InternetSpeech, whose products allow people to unleash the power of the Internet simply with a standard telephone and the sound of their voice. He founded the company in 1998 with the vision to develop innovative technology for accessing information on the Internet anytime, anywhere, using just an ordinary telephone and the human voice. See for more information.

In developing his business, Professor Khan received 23 patents and wrote over 60 papers, while defining, developing and deploying complex products and services globally. His natural business acumen helped to forge strong industry partnerships, while driving international sales and growth.

Teaching Accomplishments

From 1977 through 1982, Dr. Khan taught electronic engineering courses in Bangladesh and the U.S., followed by courses in Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic during 1990-95. While getting his PhD at U.C. Santa Cruz, he also taught part-time. Then from 2011 to 2015, he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses full-time in all his areas of expertise at Imam University in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Khan speaking to MUM students on “Big Data, Natural Language Understanding and Intelligent Agent Based Web.”

Why Come to Maharishi University of Management?

Recent interest in exploring how the human brain uses vital communications, biological alphabets, and associated language to gain understanding of meanings, is a basic necessity for clearly understanding how biological systems work. Dr. Khan feels that by coming to MUM, and studying the Science of Creative Intelligence, and practicing the TM technique, this will help him develop deeper understanding for the implications in brain science for his work. He also feels that Consciousness-Based education at MUM provides the extra edge for preparing students to meet future industry needs.

Professor Khan plans to teach the following courses in our Computer Science Department: Algorithms, Web Application Architecture, Advanced Software Development, System Analysis and Design, Big Data, Data Mining, OOP, Software Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Modern Programming Practices. In the future he hopes to teach Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics and other multi-disciplinary courses.

Dr. Khan and his wife, Sayema, have recently moved to MUM and are enjoying their new home. A week ago they completed instruction in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and are very pleased with the results so far. Professor Khan says, "TM is an effortless mental technique to develop one's Creative Intelligence in a completely natural and harmonious way. TM is not related to any religion; it is just a simple, but very powerful mental exercise."

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