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September 2016

Nancy Watkins: Treating Students Like Family

Imagine that you just traveled half way across the world. It's your first visit to the United States, and you are enrolling in a university where everyone is a stranger!

After meeting the friendly people in the MUM Computer Professionals Admissions Office, and moving into your private residence hall room, you notice that everybody on campus is unusually warm and welcoming. At registration for your new Computer Science graduate degree program, you present many official documents, visit a number of registration stations, and then get to meet our International Student Advisor, Nancy Watkins.... Even though there are many people in line, you sense that Nancy cares deeply for each person, and that she will be very helpful in navigating all the laws, policies, and requirements of living in an entirely new world.

This is a common experience of all our international students. Since 1994, Nancy Watkins has held the important position of International Student Advisor at Maharishi University of Management. To the U.S. government, Nancy carries the critical title of Principal Designated School Official, with the major responsibility of assuring that MUM is an approved university, following a myriad of rules/laws of the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) of our federal government.

A Special Person

What sets Nancy apart is how knowledgeable and creative she is in assisting students in complying with all the regulations, and how lovingly she relates to each person. According to Nancy's assistant, Diana Rivera:

"If I were to describe Nancy in one word I would use the word 'magical.' I've heard students call her a Fairy Godmother, a force of Nature, even Mother Theresa! And they wouldn't be wrong! Nancy possesses the compassion of Mother Teresa and serves as a vehicle through which Nature orchestrates the most successful and evolutionary path for our international students. Nancy truly is a blessing to this institution and to those of us fortunate enough to know her and call her a friend."

Nancy has also been instrumental in the growth of the Computer Professionals Masters Program. "Nancy has been a huge blessing for all of our International students. Her expertise as an international visa advisor and legal counsel brings great support to the students. She also cares deeply for each individual student and does everything in her power to help them with whatever situation they have that needs attention," says Computer Professionals Program Director Elaine Guthrie.

Student Appreciation

Our students and graduates can't say enough glowing things about their 'dear Nancy':

"Nancy is a woman whose words and heart are kind and sweet. I first met her during registration for new compro students. In my turn, she shook my hand firmly but softly, and she looked straight into my eyes and gently said to me, 'You're here to become a part of this big family, and you are safe.' Her momentary look and warm words touched my heart, and this feeling continues indefinitely." --Thuzar Win (Myanmar/Burma)

"We had a wonderful time with her, and she really taught us a lot--especially when we were new students. She guided us on each and every step, and we could always count on Nancy. She is passionate about her job, and treats all students as family. Thanks Nancy for all your support." --Joji Khan (Pakistan)

"She warmed our heart with 'hello dears' whenever she met us. All best wishes for you Nancy." --An Nguyen (Viet Nam)

"I admire her professionalism and being able to understand the challenges and hardships faced by many international students. Truly a lovable person." --Mohsin Nadeem (Pakistan)

"As you can see her with me (below), Nancy has always been very kind and loving to me. I even spoke to her before coming to MUM, during my admissions process. It made me feel so relaxed whenever I spoke to her, because she's always been a mother to me. Nancy Watkins always helps the international students and takes personal interest in resolving their issues. I love her so much." --Kashif Malik (Pakistan)

"Thoughtful, knowledgeable, full of enthusiasm, Nancy is always eager to help all MUM students. She has always started her emails with, 'my dear Khanh' and ends with, 'it will all come right in the end.' I always believe in her, and would like to say 'thank you so much Nancy and wish you all the best.'" --Khanh Le (Viet Nam)

Nancy's Welcome to Future Students

"We think of every student enrolling at Maharishi University of Management as a treasured human being who has entrusted us with his/her deepest desires for a rewarding future. It is our joy to welcome each student as members of our world family, and to do our utmost to nurture and support each of you along the way to fulfillment of your cherished goals." --Nancy Watkins (MUM's 'dear' International Students & Scholars Advisor)

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