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Transcendental Meditation program
Students, faculty and staff enjoy daily Transcendental Meditation practice.

At Maharishi University of Management you develop your inner creativity and intelligence while you gain the knowledge of each discipline. This prepares you for personal as well as professional success.

The Transcendental Meditation® Technique

What is it?

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced by all students at the University for 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It’s not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle and requires no faith or belief. It is the most effective and widely researched method of self-development in the world. Many students also learn and practice the advanced TM-Sidhi program to further enhance their development. Learn about the founder of the TM technique.

What happens when you meditate?

The Transcendental Meditation technique allows your mind to settle down to experience the source of thought — the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness. Your body gains deep rest while your mind becomes increasingly alert and fresh. As a result, your brain begins to function in a more orderly and coherent manner, you can meet daily challenges with more energy, focus and composure.

How many people practice Transcendental Meditation?

More than six million people worldwide have learned this simple, natural technique — business people, scientists, athletes, students — people of all ages, cultures, and religions.

Student Comments:

Computer Professionals Program students are excited about the results they notice from the Transcendental Meditation technique. Here are some of their comments:

“This month I feel that I can get more work done when it’s time to work. After practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique I had more energy. It helps me to improve the quality and quantity of the work I do. TM really develops deeper aspects of myself that I have never touched before. I can make more friends and maintain my relationships with them.”

C.A., from Thailand, working at Hypermedia Systems in California

“I was programming spontaneously after TM. I felt more power, happiness and energy.”

S.N., from Ethiopia, working at Everest Business Solutions in Virginia

“This month was one of the most challenging months on the work front with lots of things to do, manage and deliver. TM helped me manage all those things and to relax and not to feel stressed. The practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique definitely helped me to stay sane during this insane period.”

R.V., from India, working at Microsoft in Washington State

“When my mind is fresh I make better decisions at work. My mind becomes fresh from the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.”

T.W., from Indonesia, working at Tanintco, Inc. in Texas

“The major benefit I get from my regular TM practice is the ability to focus and be efficient in my work. I also experience better communication with people and I am better able to take care of my mind and my body. As a result of this my whole life is improved and I'm happy.”

B.W., from Ethiopia, working at Technical Specialties in Washington, D.C.

“TM has been relaxing and provides relief from a very stressful day.”

I.B., from Guyana, working for Volt Services in Ontario, Canada

“I am more creative at work, more interactive with the team and I learn new concepts very quickly under minimal supervision. My daily life is more organized, both professionally and personally.”

H.D., From India, working at CSR Systems in Massachusetts

“Doing TM twice daily is helping me to keep balance between my family life, working life and my studies.”

R.P., from Nepal, working at Yash Solutions in California

“I feel more patient as result of my practice of the Transcendental Meditation program.”

S.R., from The Philippines, working at Jvista Software in New Jersey

“I had an amazing experience this month from the regular twice daily practice of TM. I did not even feel any stress in spite of all such new challenges to settle down to Tampa, Florida with the transition into a new phase of life style and with new job, new place, new people, new work, environment, and even new home, and new platform. It is all because of the regular practice of TM.”

D.A., from Ethiopia, working at USF, Florida

“I become highly refreshed after meditation. And as a result it helps me to accomplish my job easily and effectively.”

B.A., from Ethiopia, working at Microsoft in Washington

“I have discovered a lot of new skills I had forgot I had or did not have the opportunity to put into practice, thanks to TM regular practice.”

C.A., from Colombia, working at Proactive Resources in Georgia

“It helps me to release my stress in the busy schedule.”

A.T., from Nepal, working at TechEnzyme in New Jersey

“I am calm and not waging any type of confrontation at work. I like the environment of my workplace as a result of my two times a day practice of TM.”

G.S., from Ethiopia, working at Glotel, Inc. in Georgia


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