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Niwech Harnkham
Niwech Harnkham


Software Engineer

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“Dear perspective students from Thailand,

I am an MUM alumnus, having graduated in May 2012. Today I would like to share my story and hope that it will inspire you to join this program at MUM.

I was doing my Master's degree in MIS at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, when my friend forwarded the invitation email about the MSCS program at MUM to me. First, I didn't believe that there is such a great opportunity to study aboard as mentioned in the email. I Googled it, as well as check MUM's website, and found out that MUM is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in the USA. I also contacted the Office of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand; the OCSC accepts the degrees from MUM as well.

Second, the financial aid is the main reason that I decided to study at MUM. Without it, I wouldn't have completed my degree. I paid the initial amount of the tuition fees, and then studied on-campus for about 7 months. The rest was supported by MUM, and I started to pay my loan back after I got my internship. How cool is that!

Third, MUM offers the Consciousness-Based education system in which students learn only one subject at a time. I studied only one subject per month. It was really interesting. I could focus on the subject that I was studying deeply. We have more discussion in class, as well as lab among fellow students. The professors are very helpful, and can be reached when you have any question or concern.

Fourth, this program also provides the opportunity for students to do paid internships with American firms. Every subject that I have learned from MUM is very helpful for my job. There are the crucial subjects available for students. For example, Software Engineering, Design Patterns, OOP, Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Compilers, etc. Those subjects helped me to get this job. MUM has a Placement Office that will guide you for your job search. This worked well for me. Don't worry about your English skills! MUM provides ESL classes for student who needs to improve their English. I studied ESL, and it helped. The ESL professors are very friendly.

Conclusion, I encourage you to get started to join this program. This is a great opportunity for you to study in the USA. I have a wonderful life, job, friends, and American experience that I wanted to share with you. I am so proud of myself that I can support my family in Thailand. I would like to extend my happiness to you. Maharishi said that we learn to, "Do less and accomplish more." This is the truth to me. I just studied the Computer Professionals program at MUM, and now I have a wonderful career.

I hope my story can inspire you to get started.

Thank you.
Niwech Harnkham"

Niwech Harnkham

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