Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Computer Professionals Program
Students from the Philippines

Oliver Hernando
October 2010 Entry

“I never regret joining the ComPro program at MUM. What I like most of the program is the structure, the content, the professors, and the 2 years practical training component. We only need to study 1 course at a time for a month, so for me it's very manageable. Aside from that, the focus is software development and not research, which for me is more important in my career as a Software Developer. The courses are also up-to-date, and in line with the latest trends, especially Design Patterns. The professors are great, and most of them have PhD degrees, and extensive experience in industry as Software Architects. For me, this is one of the remarkable experiences I have had, because I not only get the Master's degree in Computer Science, but I have also gained years of experience as a Software Engineer here in the USA. For those aspiring applicants out there especially from my beloved Philippines, don't hesitate to apply and grab this once in a lifetime experience.”

Vervil Vellena
June 2011 Entry

MUM served as my 'ticket' to reach my destination - the American dream. The MSCS program is really tailored for international students like me who are aiming to excel in their profession. It will mold you as the best as you can be in the field of Information Technology in the global market. As a result, I am now a Software Engineer in one of the biggest Insurance companies in Germany located here in America. As a bonus, I learned one technique to recharge myself in my day-to-day activities especially after the long and challenging hours at work. This is through theTranscendental Meditation program. It is also worth mentioning the ever supportive MSCS faculty and staff that have been supporting me since day one of my application, and continuing now while I am having my distance education as part of the Curriculular Practical Training. They are awesome!”

Nice Rodelane Saile Villanueva

“Studying at MUM was a blessing. There are no regrets on my part.  MUM is a unique university that teaches you not only the technical nature of the course (computer science) but also the intrinsic nature of life itself and your being as a whole. The environment and the culture observed on campus and in Fairfield in general is amazingly friendly. If you are looking for a change and want to broaden your horizons, then enrolling at MUM is your stepping stone. MUM's Computer Science program gives you the opportunity to be exposed to the real market here in the U.S. Thus, it gives you the challenge and the hope for improving yourself in the context of awareness and life.”

Sherwin Reyes

“What I really liked about the program is the fact that after 8 months of full-time studies I was given a chance to work for a U.S. company. It really gave me a very positive experience and I would say the most beneficial experience I had for my career. It's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone: I got my Master's degree and I've gained U.S. working experience which will give me an edge in my future endeavors.”

Van Henreich Rontal

“At MUM you will meet a lot of people from all over the world, and they will become your close friends for life. I was sad when I left MUM and Fairfield for my practical training position, because I had grown to love it and I would miss my friends and the fun things we did. Even if now we're all in different places, we still communicate and try to see each other. MUM also helps you find a job once you're done with your on-campus studies. Now, I have graduated from MUM and am very thankful for my education there.”

Currently living in the Philippines
Dominic Gozon

“MUM is a peaceful place with friendly and accommodating people who are willing to lend a hand when needed.  I'm sure you will love the campus life and absolutely will enjoy the nature and serenity of the place. You will appreciate the experience you had at MUM when you come back after leaving the University. I would definitely love to go back to MUM if time permits.”


Maria Rosa Torres "Life has never been the same ever since I got to MUM in June 2007. I enjoyed life being a student and being able to interact with different people. Not only that I learned a lot from the field of Computer Science which developed my skills in programming and strengthens my foundation in Software Engineering, but MUM also taught me effective ways for self development; including the technique of Transcendental Meditation that develops our mind to use its full potential. It also enhances our physiology. At MUM you will never feel you are far away from home."

Edson dela Torre "I am glad I chose MUM. Having a chance to work in a US company is just the tip of the iceberg. What I liked most is that I learned totally new concepts in software development that I felt were never really taught in universities in the Philippines. Everybody at MUM, and generally in Fairfield, are the most pleasant people I've met. MUM has this aura of a calm, healthy, and peaceful environment that I have surely missed since leaving the campus."

Carmel Sadora "When I was still in the Philippines I was also thinking twice if I should pursue my application. I was uncertain about the school but when I arrived I said to myself that I made a good decision. In a couple of weeks I learned a lot which I wasn't able to learn back in college. I see a bright future ahead. The education offered in Maharishi University of Management was of high quality, and it prepared us well for the job when we left the campus."

Josh Quiachon "I looked for a university in the US which offers MSCS and at the same time gives financial aid to computer professionals who wanted to pursue a graduate degree -- I encountered MUM, and now I can say that ComPro is the best opportunity for a computer professional like me."

Alan Nograles "I remember when I was applying for the MSCS program from my country, I was a bit apprehensive as I was unfamiliar with the MUM at that time. The positive testimonials and feedback that I got from my Filipino friends who were already in Computer Professionals program helped a lot in my decision to come. In my time with the program, I can say for myself that the program was really good, and that I made a right decision. I wish to give the same kind of assurance to those who are planning to apply for the MSCS program at MUM."

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