Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Computer Professionals Program
Students from Lebanon


Assad Maalouf
Assad Maalouf


in Kansas

“I joined MUM with one goal in mind--an MS degree in Computer Science, and some experience in the banking field in the States. I finished my on-campus studies after eight months of hard work, and was hired as a Senior Software Developer Professional Analyst at CSC in Kansas. I am still working there with the WIC Banking team.

I am extremely grateful I learned so much through my classes, and even more through the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) position. MUM taught me what no one could have ever possibly taught me--love and respect of Computer Science as an established branch in Applied Mathematics.

I am very proud to have joined MUM and became part of this wonderful family. I am also proud of having achieved my goals with the help and support of these wonderful people."

Assad Maalouf in Lebanon.

Assad Maalouf visiting Lebanon

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