Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Computer Professionals Program
Students from Indonesia

Landung Wahana

“MUM is a unique place. In addition to focusing on cutting-edge computer science courses and preparing students to have professional IT skills, MUM bases its education on consciousness. Unfolding one's inner consciousness is a fundamental factor for success. With its friendly faculty, quiet environment, and the chance to become friends with students from many different countries, studying at MUM is one of my memorable experiences in life. One more thing: the food on campus is organic and vegetarian.”


Kosana Wira Praja

“Before I attended MUM, I spent time reading and collecting information about the university so I would have a better understanding about the school's program. When I arrived I was really surprised because it was all beyond what I could imagine. The teachers, staff, students, environment, society, etc., were so friendly and supporting my adaptation to this country. Fairfield for me is like my second hometown.

“During 9 months of study in the campus, I felt satisfaction from what I learned and experienced, and my knowledge increased significantly. TM meditation was so fulfilling and refreshing, and the professors and staff put forth their best effort for my success.

“After I left the university to do the practical training I realized how lucky I was to have studied at MUM. All my hard work has paid off. Currently I‘m working in a company in Michigan. In my opinion no other school is like MUM. It integrates the best knowledge of the West and East by giving a student a foundation in life -- one learns to think and behave in accord with nature. I 'd like to encourage everyone who loves wisdom, open-minded teaching, philosophical way of life, and science to attend this school and feel for themselves what I have experienced.”

Lis Iswari
(with International Student
Advisor Nancy Watkins)

“I enjoyed studying in Compro at MUM a lot because it is a well-structured and unique program. Very nice and helpful people around campus made me feel welcome so I could easily adapt to the new environment. Having many friends from all over the world was the best part of everything.

Doing graduate studies in the U.S. is the most challenging thing in the world, but for me, MUM is a great place to do it. Of course you need to have a good basic background in computer science, or it's going to be really difficult. But if you already have that, just open your mind, absorb and learn everything to the maximum, follow the program, and you will do well. Good luck and follow your guts.”

Johni Hadi Sutanto Sie

“I am really happy that MUM accepted my application before I actually graduated from my bachelor's program. The process was really easy and by the time I graduated, I already had my student visa and was ready to go to United States. The courses at MUM are really well-prepared and helped me a lot when I started my internship. I am really thankful to have had this opportunity.”

Subhan Kusuma

“What I enjoyed most about the Compro Program was that the professors really care about the success of each student. What is taught in each course are the best practices that are applicable in the IT Industry.”

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