Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Computer Professionals Program
Student from Ethiopia

Sundus Yousuf
Sundus Yousuf


Java Developer

University of Iowa

According to Sundus Yousuf, who first got interested in computers in Ethiopia at age 10, and did his curricular practical training internship in the Research Information Systems Department at the University of Iowa, "MUM is the American Dream. The USA gives this world image that it's such a great country and that anyone can be successful if they work hard enough. At Maharishi University of Management, this really is true."

"Because classes are on the block system, we study one course a month, and then change. This is great because you never get bored or feel unsatisfied in a class for an extended period of time. The environment is very calm and peaceful, and this helps you focus deeply, achieve your daily assignments, and fulfill your dreams. The courses offered in my program were well tailored to the current era of technology, which is a very good thing, since technology is evolving so rapidly!"

Professionally, Sundus would like to work his way up from small organizations involved in software development, and then take another step to larger innovative IT organizations. Next, he hopes to earn a PhD, so that he can contribute to research related to Artificial Intelligence or the IBM Smarter PlanetĀ®.

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