Computer Professionals Program
Master of Science in Computer Science

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Computer Professionals Program
Students from Cambodia

Channa Leang

“Hi Friends, I was a ComPro student in the May 2005 group. I really liked this program because it gave me a deep understanding of Computer Science and a way to manage myself in a proper daily routine through Transcendental Meditation. It’s very beneficial. Also, all the professors I know have very extensive knowledge, and are friendly and helpful.”

(From left) Bora Vuth, Navy Vann
and Tola Chhoeun

Bora Vuth: “This program gave me a good experience that I never had before. It gave me the chance to expose myself to American standard of education, to meet students from different countries around the world, and, most importantly to get work experience in the U.S., so that I could contribute to my country when I returned.”

Navy Vann: “Coming here was the biggest decision I ever made in my life, and I never regretted it. Not only were the courses great, but the program also offered me a chance to have job experience in US. The most important thing I learned is the Transcendental Meditation technique, a natural and effortless way to help me gain unbounded awareness and great achievement in my life. After finishing this program I got a a good, well-paying job once I come back to my country.”

Tola Chhoeun: "What I enjoyed the most about this program was that there were varieties of races among the students. They all come from different countries around the world. We all shared our own cultures. I feel like I am living in a big family.”

Sony An

“I liked the block system at Maharishi University of Management. It’s not like the education system in Cambodia that requires students to learn multiple subjects at the same time. With the block system, I just focused only on one subject, making learning easy and satisfying.

“The financial aid program was very helpful. I didn't have to pay the full amount of tuition, student fees, campus housing and meals when I arrived. I paid after I got a US practical training job. I have to admit, I came to study here with only $1,000 in my pocket, but was able to pay for everything.”

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