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Computer Professionals Program
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Istiaque Ahmed Khan
Istiaque Ahmed Khan

Applications Engineer at MICROS-Retail, Ohio

“I still remember the day I first came to know about "Maharishi University of Management." I was going through jobs abroad and found an advertisement about it on the Internet. Initially I looked into what the university offers, and honestly it felt too good to be true. But for some reason I was hooked into it, and something kept it in my mind. I soon realized, "what do I have to lose?" They are not asking for any payment until I am fully accepted. After a month, I started my application. The whole selection process gave me a lot of confidence about the university. I had to go through 4 different phases including a very standard online programming test and phone interviews. I started believing in it. And I am so glad I did. My whole life has changed now because of it.

I completed my undergraduate degree from AIUB (American International University - Bangladesh) in Computer Engineering in 2007, and worked for approximately 3.5 years in three different companies before coming to USA.

I always wanted to complete my Master's Degree abroad, but honestly my family was not in a position to spend the huge amount for my studies. Besides, they already spent a lot of money on my undergraduate education, so I didn't want to put any more burdens on my parents. I already accepted the fact that the dream of studying abroad was never going to happened. MUM came to rescue.

What I didn't realize at first, but now I do, is people like me who have limited resource but big dreams need as much help as we can get. I am not talking about pity or sympathy or charity. I am talking about solid guidelines, support and care. We cannot afford large expenses to study in a big expensive university. MUM has given me not only THE DOOR to a better career, but also helped me to accomplish that on my own, sparing the burden to my parents.

I have two things to point out about MUM. First, is the financial program, and second, the Career Strategies Course. I am ever grateful to the Computer Professionals Career Center staff who made this program successful through their hard work.

MUM not only provided a good academic backbone for my Masters, it also taught me a lot about life in the US. These are small, but very important details that are helping me every day here to live my life at ease. I had the opportunity to share the classroom with number of brilliant faculty, as well as diverse from people around the world. The curriculum was full of rich knowledge. I really liked the one month one course strategy. I completed my courses without any mental pressure for a single moment, and that's a fact.

I won't say it was easy. It was a very big decision to come this far in the first place, leaving everybody behind. MUM can help you build something big, but you have to build it by yourself. What I can say without any hesitation is that MUM offers the most help of any university in the whole world, in terms of the effort and support they put on our career. This is one of a kind.

I understand that the name of the university might raise a question, but what do you have to lose for trying? I didn't have to pay anything before they were about to send me the I20 form, which is the primary document to apply for a student VISA after getting accepted to the program. The amount was really negligible and that's all I had to pay until I was on the MUM campus registering for the course. There is no initial application fee--otherwise, I might not have applied in the first place.

In summary, MUM is a good opportunity for anyone who can utilize it properly. My dream is coming true. Yours can too."

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