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Maharishi University of Management, USA

How to complete your application

Web developer is also a concert violinist
Computer science masters program student is also a concert violinist.

Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one of our Admissions staff.


Next Step: Programming Pre-Test

Before we can process your application, you will need to pass the programming pre-test. For this simple test you are required to write code in one of the following languages: Java, C++, C#, or C. See sample test. Instructions on how to take this test can be found in the email we sent to you that confirmed your initial qualifications for our program (Subject: Phase 1a MUM MSCS Initial Approval.)

Additional Items to send:

AFTER we notify you that you passed the Programming Pre-test, you will need to submit the following items.

Please submit items by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Scan your documents and create a jpg or pdf file for each of them. Please use jpg or pdf format for all scanned documents. The Resume and Course Description Worksheet must be sent as Microsoft Word files. Do NOT send .zip files. If it is not possible to scan some of the items, you may fax those documents to 641-470-1378. However, email is preferred.

Please allow 4-5 business days for us to post your documents.

When we receive items 1-3 below, we will inform you about your status, so please send them as soon as possible AFTER you receive an email stating that you passed the Programming Pre-Test:

1. Resume

Please prepare a new resume according to the resume template. Any programming experience mentioned in your resume should include details as to when and where you did the programming, and which programs you used. Email a Word (or other text) file of your new resume according to the above instructions.

2. Scans of Official Transcripts and Diplomas

Send us scanned versions of transcripts (mark sheets) and diplomas (certificates of graduation or degree awards) of any graduate or undergraduate studies from ALL colleges, universities, and accredited institutes that you have attended. Please include an English translation if they are not in English. Please also include a grading conversion table, if available. Your transcript must be accompanied by the Course Description Worksheet (See point 3 below).

The scanned transcripts will allow us to process you application more quickly. Later in the admissions process, we will require the originals of your transcripts. (See point 4 below.)

3. Course Description Worksheet

This form must accompany your transcripts. If the form is not filled out accurately, it may delay the processing of your application.

Click HERE for a Microsoft Word version of the form. Please type in your answers directly on the form and email the form to us with your other documents.

Directions for completing the worksheet are given on the form. Note: You will need to look at your College or University transcripts in order to fill out this worksheet.

Additional items needed:

4. Offical Transcripts Sent Directly from Your University

In addition to scanned transcripts (described above) which you will email to us, please request that each college or university you attended send us a sealed, official copy of your transcripts.

PLEASE NOTE that although we will begin to process your application using the scanned documents you submit, we are NOT able to send final acceptance and visa documents (form I-20) until we receive sealed official transcripts directly from your college or university. Please do NOT send your personal copy of the transcripts by postal mail. Faxed transcripts will not be accepted.

Please have your college or university mail the transcripts to:

Computer Professionals Program Admissions, Transcripts ID# ________

(Write in your COMPRO ID # here)
Maharishi University of Management
1000 N 4th St.
Fairfield, IA 52557, USA

You may want to request that your college or university send the transcripts by special courier if the two to three week delay caused by using regular postal airmail service will interfere with your ability to apply for a visa in time for the upcoming entry.

5. Personal Information Form

Please answer all questions on the Personal Information Form, including the essays and then press the SEND DATA button. Please submit the form as soon as possible so that you may have so we know that you are interested in continuing with the application process.

6. Standardized Test Scores and IT Certifications

Applicants from India and Iran are required to take the GRE for admissions to our program. For applicants from other countries, we strong encourage them to take it, but it is not required. A high GRE score may decrease the amount you are expected to pay upon enrollment. Also, taking the GRE increases the likelihood of obtaining a student visa for our program.

To submit scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE - institution code 4497), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or any IT certifications in programming/OOP from companies such as Sun, Cisco, or IBM, please email the scanned certificates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (use jpg format ONLY. Do not send .zip files.)

7. Copy of Passport Photo and Identity Page

Please scan the page of your passport which contains your photograph and personal information. We can complete the processing of your application without the passport copy, but we need to receive it before we can send a Form I-20.

8. Recommendation

Please ask your supervisor (if you are currently employed), or a professor (if you are in college or have just completed college) to submit a recommendation for you. The recommendation must be submitted no more than 6 months prior to the date of your enrollment. It may be completed online here. A written recommendation is also acceptable, and may be faxed to 641-470-1378. You may also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a scanned version.

9. Application Fee

There is a $50 non-refundable fee that the Computer Science Admissions Office must receive before your final acceptance package can be sent to you.

NOTE: We will continue to process your application without the fee. You may send the other requested items on this checklist and wait to send the fee after you receive final acceptance.

The fee may be paid by the following methods:

    • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only). You may fax the information (card number, expiration date, and name on the card) to 641-470-1378 or you may pay online:

      Name of Applicant
      ID Number of Applicant
    • Money Order, Bank Draft, Cashier's Check - in US funds payable to "Maharishi University of Management."

    Please mail to:

    Maharishi University of Management

    Computer Professionals Program Admissions Office

    1000 North 4th Street

    Fairfield, Iowa, 52557


    Don't forget to include your name, ID number, birth date, and e-mail address.

    **If you are living in PAKISTAN: Please note that we do NOT accept bank drafts from Muslim Commercial Bank as they do not have a US affiliate bank.

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