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Students report that the emphasis on personal development at Maharishi Unviersity of Management adds significant value to the academic programs. All students, faculty, and staff at the University practice the Transcendental Meditation program which has been documented to develop creativity and intelligence, improve the ability to handle stressful situations, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

"I must admit, I was a bit skeptical," said Andriy Klyuchevsky of Ukraine, who is currently employed at Microsoft for his practical training. "It took time to realize that, though simple, it is very relevant in our day-to-day lives. Without the TM technique I wouldn't have been able to achieve the kind of clarity and peace at work that I have now."

Many students report they are able to perform well in their projects without fatigue as a result of the deep rest they receive during the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Student Carlos Chahin-Alvarez of Columbia claims that his self confidence has increased. "TM helps me to handle stress resulting from everyday job-related activities such as commuting, meeting goals, and timelines. It makes me more relaxed and alert. I find that communication and attitude toward team members improve. I am a better team player."

The Transcendental Meditation program is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. It is the most widely practiced and most extensively researched method of self-development.


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