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This monthly newsletter highlights the achievements of students and faculty in the M.S. in Computer Science program at Maharishi University of Management. Applicants to the program are automatically subscribed and may unsubscribe at any time.

September 2013 newsletter

Recent issues of our newsletter

Computer Scientist Changing Lives of Young Women in Rural India (9/2016)

MUM Student Intern Wins Amazon Award (11/2016)

Computer Professionals Program Celebrates 20 Years (7/2016)

New Computer Professionals Career Center (8/2016)

DevFest 2015: Software Competition Success (1/2016)

Gaining Knowledge, Respect and Acceptance in America (4/2016)

Nancy Watkins: Treating Students Like Family (9/2015)

Sahar Abdullah: Role Model for Women's IT Education (12/2015)

New Faculty Applying IT to Enhance Lives of the Information Poor in Developing Nations (6/2015)

Jim Garrett: Preparing Professionals for Success (7/2015)

Asaad Saad: Web Developer and Concert Violinist (11/2014)

Software and Life Lessons Learned (3/2015)

MUM Students and Jim Carrey Enjoy the Transcendental Meditation® Technique (8/2014)

Students Give "One Course A Month" High Grades (10/2014)

MUM: Friendly and Safe (5/2014)

New Computer Science Building (6/2014)

"Big Data" Course Popular with Students (3/2014)

International Cyber-Security Educator Joins Faculty (4/2014)

Computer Vision Expert Joins Faculty (12/2013)

A Better Future for Kenyan Programmers (2/2014)

Computer Science Department Providing Latest Knowledge & Technology (10/2013)

MIS Graduate Certificate program begins (11/2013)

From a Village in Nepal to a Corner Office at Microsoft (08/2013)

Ethiopians and Eritreans at Home at MUM (09/2013)

Working on Mars (06/2013)

Software Engineer, Student, and Scholar (07/2013)

Student Achieves Success (05/2013)

New Management Information Systems (MIS) Graduate Certificate Program (04/2013)

Cloud Computing Enters Curriculum (01/2013)

MUM Students Place 5th & 7th in National Collegiate Programming Competition (02/2013)

Grateful Bangladeshi Software Engineer (07/2012)

New MIS Professor Enriches MSCS Program (08/2012)

Chinese Software Engineers Choosing MUM (05/2012)

Distinguished Professor Joins Faculty (06/2012)

Professor Returns to Apply Latest IT Industry Knowledge (03/2012)

Transcendental Meditation® Technique: the Competitive Edge for IT Professionals (04/2012)

Passionate about IT (01/2012)

Venezuelan Student Travels the World Promoting 'Free Knowledge' (02/2012)

Nearly half our graduates come from Africa (10/2011)

Professor has Wealth of Industry Experience (11/2011)

Dr. Bruce Lester, MUM Professor of Computer Science, receives Best Paper Award (08/2011 Special)

Becoming a Successful Software Engineer--MUM Graduate's Experiences at Microsoft (09/2011)

IT job recovery spurs on-campus recruiting (07/2011)

MUM Education Leads to Cloud Computing Internship (08/2011)

Women in the Computer Professionals Program (04/2011)

Revisiting the singing software engineer (05/2011)

Report on the Dean's Asian Lecture Tour (01/2011)

Pakistani enrollment grows (3/2011)

Student leader, software developer, and entertainer (10/2010)

Chinese Enrollment Rising / Asian Recruiting Tour (11/2010)

Another success story

Professor is also an IBM global expert (9/2010)

Parallel programming professor (7/2010)

Message from the Dean

Ethiopian student dreams big (2/2010)

The singing software engineer (12/2009)

The sky is not a limit (10/2009)

Students finding jobs (09/2009)

A new vision

Prepping for jobs

Jobs available

Recession-proof IT jobs

Professor imparts workplace skills

Number one job

Can get a job anywhere

Tools for success

Past Issues of our newsletter, by topic

U.S. Job Market

Technical training jobs available

Prepping for jobs

Students hired at record pace

Students fulfill demand

Record placement numbers

Opportunities on the rise

Job market heats up

Best job in America

Increased hiring

Outsourcing no problem

Recognition of our students

A spectacular job

Student gets promotion

Student receives award

Excellence Award

Student tops 3,000 job applicants

Recruiters love our students

Student honored at Microsoft

Praise from employer

Practical training at Microsoft

Report from Microsoft

Solid approval at Microsoft

My dreams came true

More from Microsoft

Job interview via teleconference

Celebrating success at Microsoft

Direct hire offers

Students say thanks

Student life

A global village

Women students excel

A dream come true

Faculty prepare students for success

My father is happy

A good start

The most important point

Personal and professionals success

Time to celebrate

One of the best times

Students enjoy Fairfield

Job search workshop useful

Visa approvals getting easier

Report from Russian student

Students enjoy benefits

Simply the best

The mind of the software architect

Professor on staff at IBM

Financial aid questions answered

Record enrollment

Women students say thanks

Graduates off to a great start

A New Vision

Practical training experiences

Tools for success

On the job report

Achieve my goal

Working at Google

Course helps students on the job

Graduate comments

A solid foundation


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