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The world is my family.
Students & alumni of Maharishi University of Management experience that, "The world is my family."

Dear Alumni:

This is your page. We invite you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with news about your life, your job or anything you want to tell friends, colleagues or faculty at MUM. Please include your name, entry class and year, and a message.

June 2003 graduate

I have been working in the field of IT since I graduated from Maharishi University (MUM) in computer science in 2003. Right now I am working as a Senior Software Engineer. The education from MUM did help me get lots of opportunities for work. At the time I was hired, the companies were mostly looking for graduates who have real practical knowledge around tools and technologies used in IT industry which was missing from the fresh graduates from most of the other universities. The students from MUM had this knowledge because the education at MUM is very different than traditional academic courses that most universities have. The education at MUM is a block system where students are educated with lots of lab work using current tools and technologies used in the IT industry. The reason I had lots of practical knowledge and knew more about some of the latest tools and technologies was one of the main reasons why my company hired me.

Besides education for computer science, I learned how to balance my life through Transcendental Meditation which I learned at MUM. Since then I have been always meditating twice a day. The self referral part of the meditation always helps me evaluate my progress. It also helps me rectify and improve on my weakness and at the same time drives me forward in life with new goals. I have been able to balance my work and family life much better without any pressure at all because of the regular meditation.

In summary, I am at a point in life where I am very satisfied with my professional and personal life, and most of this credit goes to MUM for it's unique and outstanding education.

— Binod Pokharel

(from Nepal)

September 2003 entry

I have been working here in Hungary for almost 6 years as a software developer (C#) at Flextronics, which is a worldwide electronics manufacturing services provider. I have a secondary job too, as a network administrator in a near-by small rehabilitation center for 4 years.

Through the years I have noticed that features of human personality are at least 50% important in the job career. The other part is of course the professional experience. Through the economic downturn I had two jobs (one main and a part time) and I even taught some yoga courses too.

I have experienced that being in accordance with the laws of nature is one of the most important things in having a fruitful life. I am happy that I could learn at MUM. It is nice to remember those days. I wish happy holidays for the Computer Science Department.

— Tamas Kozari

(from Hungary)

August 2006 entry

I am very happy to share a few words with you all. I am enjoying every bit of my life. Not only do I grow professionally, but everyday I experience renewed energy and personal growth through the practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program. I am now married (since Dec 2008) with my beautiful, loving and caring wife. My motto in life: "Simple living and high thinking." My aim in life is to contribute in any way to help young and underprivileged kids of my home town and home country get good food, quality education, and good health care.

— Badri Budhathoki

(from Nepal)

May 2007 entry

One of the most important reasons which keep students from getting higher education from USA is that it costs too much. Because of its easy admission process and very low initial payment to enroll, MUM gave me the opportunity to realize my dream of getting MS. The on-campus courses comprise latest technologies and are designed to prepare students for the market. After completing these courses I attended the job search seminar arranged by the university, and found it very useful in my job search.

I did my Curricular Practical Training at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington as a Software Design Engineer in Test and practically applied most of the things I learned in my courses.

I found the faculty very much cooperative and friendly. Students in the Compro program come from more than 60 different countries and give the students a chance to learn about other cultures and make friends.

MUM gave me the torch to guide me on my way towards successes and achieving my goals.

— Noor Jugni

(from Pakistan)

October 2007 entry

I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to study in the US. MUM opens a life changing opportunity. I am a very shy person and my English is not so good. Studying at MUM helped me face my fears and challenged me to grow professionally. I met a lot of people from different nations and made close friends. TM is one of the important things that I’ve learned and experienced in MUM. It helps me to face stressful times, focus on my goals and live a simple happy life. Right now, I am working as an Application Developer. I thank God for everything, my family, my MUM family, and the people around me.

— Lerrie Oblego

(from Philippines)


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